CONTENTdm Migration Working Group

This is a draft charter that has not been submitted to the Steering Group


Many institutions affiliated with the Hydra project are developing or searching for tools to integrate, republish, or migrate content presently stored in CONTENTdm with Hydra applications. The Hydra-Cdm Interest Group aims to serve directly as a Working Group that is charged to identify and elaborate best-of-breed tools to facilitate access to this content.

Shared Needs and Requirements

Working group participants need ruby tooling and associated documentation for accessing the CONTENTdm web APIs and patterns for mapping CONTENTdm content and metadata into Hydra models, e.g. Hyrax.

Use Cases

A participating institution can harvest content from CONTENTdm for local storage.

A participating institution can migrate CONTENTdm items and data into a Hyku repository (local or hosted).


  • Recommendations for ruby libraries to retrieve item data and metadata via the CONTENTdm APIs

  • Documented patterns for migrating/republishing retrieved CONTENTdm data into a Hyku repository

  • Hyku presenters that provide feature parity with CONTENTdm in displaying extracted items and data

Participating Community Members

Communications to the Hydra lists concerning this WG will include [Cdm-Migrate] in the subject line.

Facilitator: TBD

Nominated Participating Institutions (*: Hydra Partner, 3 required)

  • Temple

  • University of Houston

  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

  • Penn State*

  • Cal State
  • IUPUI*
  • Stanford
  • Oregon Digital* (we've migrated, so don't need migration tools, but can share our work: Hydra Connect 2016 pres. we are interested in batch edit, display sets, etc.)

Possible Participants (*: Hydra Partner, 3 required)

  • DPLA*?

Meeting Notes

20170503 IG Meeting