Bulkrax Interest Group

Scope & Objectives

Under continuous development for several years, Bulkrax is increasingly being adopted by Samvera users as a standard community tool for bulk import and export of repository content. While Software Services by Scientist.com (Braydon Justice) is product owner of Bulkrax, the goal of this interest group is to formalize the involvement of other community partners as adoption increases. The intention is to make development progress on current defined deliverables around the release of 3.0, resolve some open bugs, establish best practices, and add additional functionality to the gem. A byproduct of a regular meeting around Bulkrax in the community will be to align requirements and other conversation around Bulkrax among the increasing user pool, as well as expand long-term involvement so that Scientist.com are not the only maintainers in the future.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels



At least three organizations must be represented in an interest group.

@Kevin Kochanski (Software Services by Scientist.com)

@Rob Kaufman (Software Services by Scientist.com)

@Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University)

@Kiah Stroud (Software Services by Scientist.com)

@bjustice (Software Services by Scientist.com)

@Rachel Howard (University of Louisville)

@Nic Don Stanton-Roark (PALNI)

@Shana Moore (Software Services by Scientist.com)


Meeting Notes