2021-02-09 Meeting and Agenda


Feb 9, 2021



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Discussion items





Populating the roadmaps document with partners

From previous meeting discussion:

  • Consider: should we reach out to individual partners and guide them in filling out the roadmaps alignment document, based on features they're publicly interested in/working on.

  • Determine ways to demonstrate the value of the roadmaps alignment document.  Evaluate how it could be used as part of the code reclamation project.

    • Look at which feature sets we can focus on (example, analytics, REST APIs), and follow up with specific partners.

@Kate Lynch

Hyrax Roadmap [WIP]

Hyrax 3.0 release

  • Final testing help needed on rc3

Current work - general issue clean-up

  • Ask for code contributions for open issues

Future feature development - identifying partners to share code back to Hyrax

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  • Populating the roadmaps document with partners

    • How to populate the Roadmaps Alignment document with partners?

      • Reaching out individually to partners would be a good approach.

      • Create a list of partners, mark off those who’ve already populated the document, then decide together who in this group will reach out to other partners.

      • This document is meant to give us a sense of how partner institutions can work together, and how we may be able to get this content contributed back to the community, if it is not already on their roadmap. This would feed well into the effort to demonstrate value of the roadmap to the community, and the Code Reclamation project.

    • Would the Roadmaps Alignment update feed into Samvera Asks?

      • It has, and should be a more granular effort now.

  • Hyrax 3.0 release

    • General cleanup is needed; Julie is working on this.

    • There is some good information on this page from Roby on bulkrax and analytics.

      • What is left on analytics work?

        • Two sets of analytics work happening currently in the broader community. One is in the Advancing Hyku grant, other is on Oregon Digital grant. Currently need to support both Google Analytics and Matomo.

        • Currently working on architectural decisions for whether it is best to put the work in with two analytics providers, or is it better to get as much content as possible out of the application, from the Rails side, and feed that into analytics providers.

        • Advancing Hyku piece is about introducing tenancy for analytics.

    • There are pieces of documentation here that will definitely be updated and stay relevant. Cleanup will help with the roadmap for this.

    • “Vision for Hyrax” is far-reaching and needs review. Unsure how this should move forward; Julie is thinking about this.

    • Hyrax 3.0 release (on the roadmap); we have rc3 tagged/deployed on dev. Julie is creating a testing script, trying to make the testing and release process as simple as possible for putting it out. Aiming for 3.0 release by February 28 optimistically. Julie and Tamsin need to touch base on this.

    • Julie will send out a request for help testing Hyrax with her testing script. Will reach out to the Repository Interest Group to solicit help with testing.

    • The Hyrax Maintenance Working Group has had its first sprint in 2021; cleaning up the list of issues, testing to determine if they are still issues, moving forward where we can, closing things that are no longer issues or are wont-fix.

      • Using the nurax-dev server for this currently, which is making the QA workflow challenging. Examining how to make this workflow more efficient, however the current workflow is moving forward very well.

    • 2021 Partner call for demos - we may be able to mine contributions back to Hyrax from partner demos of what’s going on at each institution.

      • Demo recordings are linked in the meeting notes for each Partners session.

  • Samvera for Managers group work

    • Roadmaps alignment work in this group determining who is using Samvera vs. Hyrax, and how they’re using Samvera (is there active development? is it just static/running in development?)

    • Where is there overlap between the Roadmaps Alignment Group, this group’s work, Hyrax Roadmap work?

    • Managers' Roadmap work indicates what work has been done so far, but future-looking. How can we use this information to plan for the future?

Action Items

  • Create a list of partners to reach out to for Roadmaps Alignment (Heather)