2019-12-10 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Julie Allinson

Nabeela Jaffer

Rob Kaufman

Mark Bussey

Kate Lynch

Jon Cameron

jen young


Facilitator: Julie Allinson

Notetaker:  Kate Lynch


Kate working on Valkyrie roadmap, should have something before next meeting to look at, even if not formalized.

Rotating chair in quarterly period, ~3 months per chair starting in January.  Nominations?  Will need 4 people total for the year.  Nabeela can do one of the quarters, including first quarter if needed.  Rob can do one, not first quarter.  Julie can do a quarter as well.  Get a new person to self-nominate two meetings before rotating out.

Survey on roadmaps/plans existing in the community.  Mark circulated draft text for email (linked above).  Ask folks for current roadmaps but make the definition broader – Samvera work plans, project management documentation.  See what people are planning on and where there are overlaps where the community can come together.

  - What are we planning to do with this data?  Once we have the documents, how to review?

  - Create a link out to all of those publicly available documents.  Here are the big things we as a community are working on as of January 2020.  Is this sufficient, just do this every 6 months or so?  Find out what sorts of artifacts at what level of detail exist, and how hard it is to compare these things to one another.  Determine where there is commonality where we can extract fields, make a template, and ask people to fill out periodically.  

  - Can we do a high-level scan for features, rather than a full-blown template?  Keyword scans?  Find out how far out people are usually planning.  Are folks more doing full year planning cycles, quarterly planning?  Multiple years out?  Would be very useful for partners as a discussion point.

  - Create our own Samvera repository using Hyrax for document management?  Could people begin to self-manage and upload their own documents there?

Finalize the text of the survey and create a Google form, and distribute it to the community.

Plan to send out a call for participation before the holidays.  Have some language added into the message explaining why we're doing this.  See the draft text of the email.

  - Can we send out the survey in a short and sweet email and a "status of the roadmap council" email at the beginning of 2020 that includes this info?  Mention rotating chairs, welcoming new people, other plans including a reference to the roadmap survey as a reminder.

Hyrax PO – what are next steps for directly approaching people to become a PO?  Revisit the list of possible individuals to fill the role.  A natural next time to revisit this with the community may be the Solar Vortex, reach out to the community ahead of this, then follow up within the January time frame. 

Information on the Samvera Elixer project?  Princeton and Northwestern recently worked on a sprint, investigative work on an Elixer-based repository. Link: https://github.com/samvera-labs/digital_collections_elixir_example

Action items:

  • Kate Lynch work on Valkyrie roadmap and distribute
  • Julie Allinson work on text of Samvera roadmap/planning document survey to be sent out before the end of 2019, re-send Hyrax PO CFP email/Slack messages
  • Rob Kaufman begin steps for reaching out to individuals for Hyrax PO role
  • Begin drafting Roadmap Council update email for early 2020

Next meeting:



Nabeela Jaffer


Jon Cameron