2019-07-09 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Rob Kaufman

Nabeela Jaffer

Jon Cameron

Steve Van Tuyl


  • Julie is starting at Notch8, more to come
  • Mentoring program
    • Will talk about it at SIGHAR
  • Steve will be starting a new position at the end of the month; will no longer be actively part of the Samvera community. There will be more discussion this afternoon at SIGHAR
    • Going to the Academic Data Science Alliance
  • Survey
    • Call_for_Hyrax_resourcing_18_responses.pdf
    • Hearing from smaller, quieter institutions that are migrating to Samvera
    • Jon will be getting a doc together that defines permissions needs and scopes for Avalon and how that compares to Hyrax
    • Analytics - people can't commit until November
    • New IMLS grant to implement analytics in Hyrax (Oregon Digital)
    • In a follow-up email to institutions, we might pose the question of how managers can lock in to possible commitments so available resourcing doesn't evaporate
    • Steve hopes the community will keep the Hyrax Working Group going, good movement being made there
    • Refocusing the working group would be good
    • It would be good to make it easier and clearer to merge changes upstream to Hyrax, jump in on existing backlog tickets, etc.
    • Categorization and the ability to act on a ticket isn't necessarily technical (Github issues)

Next Meeting

  • Discussion of the email out to those who filled out the survey

Facilitator: Rob Kaufman

Notetaker: Julie Allinson