2020-03-03 Meeting notes




Discussion items


Review action items from previous meetings listed here.

Roadmap Survey form: There are six responses so far. What are the next steps? 

Action items

Task report

Looking good, no incomplete tasks.


  • Reviewed action items from oldest to newest and closed duplicates
  • 2019 Partner meeting items closed
  • Rechartering - need to update published charter to capture changes to chair structure
    • Make sure we include "Define where the group has agency or levels of agency" - i.e. we are a consensus building body, not a governing body
  • Lowering the bar to committing code - initial discussions and new practices for welcoming new committers begun
  • Backlog = the Action Item list
  • Brainstorm Tools = future work once we have further survey analysis
  • Definition of Roadmap = future work once we have further analyzed survey feedback
  • Are roadmaps aligned =  future work once we have further analyzed survey feedback
  • Timebox milestones & deliverables = need to review remaining action items, assign people and due dates
  • Conduct experiment with specific chairperson = in progress
  • Hyrax P.O. Rob has meetings scheduled with Julie Hardesty, Brian McBride
  • Julie has acquired partner contacts - need to divide up between this group and follow up
    • Will set Friday the 13th as the deadline for survey results
  • Jen will survey IG & WGs for potential input into roadmapping activities by or before next meeting 3/17