2021-08-24 Meeting and Agenda


11:00 AM CDT




@Heather Greer Klein

@Nabeela Jaffer

@Juliet Hardesty

@James Griffin

@Jon Cameron

Discussion items:





Debrief on partners meeting and define next steps

@jen young

Membership rotations

 @jen young

Marketing WG would like us to provide input on this page


@Nabeela Jaffer

Proposal for 2022 Developer Hour Pledge Drive

@Heather Greer Klein

Suggested topic: planning for cross-tech coordination






Partners meeting notes: https://samvera.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/samvera/pages/1677623316


We said next we would work on: develop cross-technology collaboration, coordination, and code reclamation

  • What are our next steps to start this process?

  • Starting with bringing DOI back to core

    • emailing the 10 institutions to ask what level of collaboration they are up for? Can they give dev time to add their code to the core. How does that relate to Hyrax tech role? No need to go through them. Our ask is for a PR to move to Hyrax core. If there’s a few places with requests, then there will have to be coordination with each other to share their PRs and discuss. One place interested, just work with them.

    • Defining how the feature works in the UI. When is it minted after publishing, or when it is added but not yet reviewed? Should start with who is interested.

    • GLOBUS is another, could be another good candidate.

Membership rotations

  • IG reps in this group can (and should!) rotate. Feel free to request someone else represent your group.

Tech stack page

  • Please review:

    • Is this still accurate?

    • Needs a re-write. Jon will do a rewrite and share.


  • Heather is launching Aug 31st, will send this group the wiki info when it is ready for review

Planning for Cross-Coordination: Next meeting will want to have everyone available to discuss how the work if different technologies overlap and what can be done to coordinate any work impacting or required by multiple technologies (ie what Hyku needs from Hyrax, when the Avalon team will be available for Hyrax work and what they will need, core components that need maintenance help, etc.). We can use this information to plan the maintenance work coming from pledged hours in 2022. We can also share this in an update at Connect, so the Community is aware.

Action Items:

@Nabeela Jaffer will write and send an outreach email for GLOBUS and DOI integration requests.
@Heather Greer Klein will send Nabeela the repo contacts for those institutions
@Jon Cameron will draft a re-write of the technology stack page and share with this group