2019-06-11 Meeting Notes




Nabeela Jaffer

jen young

Steve Van Tuyl

Jon Cameron

Rob Kaufman

Discussion items


Preliminary survey resultsNabeela
  • 15 responses so far. About half of the Partners have responded.
  • Steve also posted on #partners channel. Deadline Friday June 14.
  • Nov 2019-June 2020 timeframe seems to have the most availability.  Most responses still want to see work on Valkyrie and current roadmap goals. Does put work being done after Samvera Connect in October.
  • Valkyrie work hopefully done by Connect.
  • What are the roadblocks to contributing back to the stack? Find the lower bar to entry needs to be found. 
  • Mentoring program – could pull local development into the stack. Would enable more opportunities for involvement. Steve working on developing this. Will reach out to SIGAHR as well as us. 
  • Should we have smaller scope of work on roadmap items in order to get to "Done?" Hard to do agile by consensus.