2020-10-13 Meeting Notes



Discussion items


Welcome Heather and Julie!AllWoohoo! Welcome to you both!

Review and finalize presentation for ThursdayKate
  • Intended for partners meeting
  • 15 minute update
  • Group should look at the presentation with the audience in mind
  • Added Heather to the current group membership
  • Should we also discuss the Valkyrie PO in the review of goals through 2020?
    • Decided to remove this point from discussion
  • Will our wiki pages and slack channel be renamed? They're currently listed as "Roadmap Council" in the slides.
    • Keep as is; noted that this will change soon
  • Rob will be backup for Kate at the partners meeting
  • Presentation looks great!

Review goals for 2020

  • Populate Roadmaps Alignment document
  • Community Manager onboarding and facilitation
  • Codify PO process
  • New Valkyrie PO
  • Code Reclamation Project advancement
  • Keep populating the roadmaps alignment document
    • Getting Heather's help—how can we reach out to community, make sure everyone knows where to look for information and how to present their own information
  • Onboarding facilitation
    • Anything we can provide to Heather
  • Codifying the new PO process
  • New Valkyrie PO
  • Code Reclamation Project
    • Trying to solve 2 essential problems
      • Many devs who have trouble interacting with the stack
        • But once your get your first PR approved, then the scond comes easy
      • Applications in the wild will fully-formed features that are functioning that everyone wants and can't get, for whatever reason
        • There's a group in the community that are contributing back and being upfront, others have realities such as time, budget etc. and don't contribute code and features back
    • Taking those two problems, and try to make a solution that tackles both of them
    • Get mentors, look for people who want to contribute cross-institution, pair them up together, and have them go bring in features from another application
    • This will distribute the load
      • DOI implementations as a great example—lots of them out there
      • Next time someone needs DOI, do this and make it a gem for the community — that's the goal
    • You need a first follower for things to get traction
    • Need to get a sign-up form out, and do it very low-key initially
    • Rob: we need a logo, and then we do t-shirts for people who sign up
    • There's a document somewhere about this that Rob can find and provide

Name changing check-inKate
  • The email has not gone out yet
  • Order of operations:
    • Send out the email
    • Check in with Richard
    • Do the name changes on the wiki
  • Rob will send out the email ASAP

2020 end-of-year retroKate
  • Retrium
  • Notch8 has a Retrium account


Action items

  • Next time — Look at scheduling for our retro