2022-08-08 Meeting Notes and Agenda


Aug 8, 2022



  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Jon Cameron

  • @Nabeela Jaffer

  • @James Griffin

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Annamarie Klose

  • @Rob Kaufman

  • @Alexandra Dunn



Discussion topics





Welcome and introductions

Welcome Alex! Welcome back Rob!

Review of group initiatives (listed below)


Proposal for Core Components changes (James)

Moved to next meeting.

GitHub Teams

  • Better implementing Github Teams

  • https://samvera.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/samvera/pages/1976664065 has notes on this

  • Without CLAs, do we need teams?

    • It’s useful when managing tickets

    • Reviewing, merging PRs

  • Current team membership is a bit wonky in the context of who’s working on stuff

  • Teams specific to non-developer roles would be a way to drive home the point that there are technical parts of being in this community without writing Ruby code

Piloting interns and mentorship program (Rob)

  • Rob can provide project management and day to day parts, but this could be jumping in by interns to help out

  • Interns often have meaningful PRs by the end of the first week

  • Rob would like to know what we could do to mesh these two worlds, what individual project work might be good for an intern

  • Could we tie particular work to a ticket? And then put forward a mentor for the task?

  • Annamarie has various metadata issues that might be great for an intern to work on

Development Communication Plan

  • Having a regular plan to ask for help when large dependency updates are coming

  • Rails versions release fairly regularly and consistently

  • Ruby as well, others that are relatively consistent

  • Expect a twice a year effort?

  • Not everything will be as large as this Rails/Blacklight change

  • JS in Rails 7 may be the next big change

  • Most dependencies will be standard to upgrade; some will be the large updates

  • One way: wait until a release and then start the effort afterward

September Hyrax-Valkyrization Effort

  • 2-week community sprint Sep 6th-16th.

  • Julie and Daniel Pierce getting issues ready to make effective use of the available time.

  • https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/labels/valkyrization

  • Getting this past the finish line is the focus—it’s holding up many things from moving forward in the community

  • Is this part of the Hyrax 4 release?

    • Hyrax 4 is Rails 6 upgrade, not Valkyrized Hyrax

    • Hyrax 5 will be valkrie + Hyrax

  • Working on breaking the issues

  • Rob may have someone who may be able to provide hours for issue work

  • Everyone welcome (not just devs)

  • Rob: Advertise hard problems as part of the community sprint? Get people interested in challenge? How do we motivate people?

  • We could use working group sprint time as well to do valkyrization work



Action items

Write up a plan for dependency upgrade scheduling @Heather Greer Klein