2019-01-29 Meeting Notes and Agenda



Meeting ID: 688 749 301

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+1.408.740.7256 (US (San Jose))
+1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free)
+1.408.317.9253 (US (Primary, San Jose))
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Facilitator: Julie Allinson

Note taker: Benjamin Armintor


  • New items
  • White paper - current status - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RBQPRIsJTG7NvgdOqJCsmE6RdsKHmSjrRFjrUF6qXnw/edit#
  • Re-examine the charter: does it represent the group as it is now?
  • Planning session for future meetings
    • Do we want standing agenda points?
    • What are the pieces of work for the year ahead
    • What should be accomplished for or by the next Samvera Connect conference?


  • White Paper
    • Julie Allinson thinks could have a draft ready to review for next week
      • but would like some input about titles
      • and any other contributions!
  • Charter
    • need to link to the WG page for notes?
    • feedback from governance/SG?
      • Julie: not especially, but some agenda items are resultant
      • suggestion to create info boxes for WGs
    • Planned activities for 2019?
      • Nabeela discussing problem of various project plans, see also Scope & Objectives in charter (cf collections extensions sprint)
      • Review current WGs?
        • CCMWG: Closing CFP, starting meetings
        • Hyrax
          • Full team for work on permissions
          • Oregon Digital putting a CFP out on batch editing
          • Valkyrie work fully resourced
      • Barriers to "central"/reusable contributions might impair resourcing
      • Identifying potentially useful "private" projects/features and reclaiming them – who might do this?
      • SvT coordinating with Repo Managers and UX WGs for issue prioritization - this overlaps with current Hyrax roadmap
      • Rob K: would like to incorporate Metadata WG input into product planning
      • Jon: would like to see a format convergence for roadmaps
        • Julie: Hyrax roadmap useful here as possible template
      • How to usefully talk about things a year or more out - seems less useful to have that time frame pushed down to individual projects
    • discussion of RMC as "technical committee" for SG
    • Ben is of questionable use as a contributor while he takes notes
  • Action Items
    • Steve: update Hyrax Roadmap
    • Julie: summarize prospective RMC activities in wiki
    • Rob: publish Hyku roadmap
    • Jon: adapt Avalon roadmap to Hyrax style and publish
    • Ben/Mark: report back to RMC with CCMWG plans
  • Planning next meeting for 12 February
    • maybe plan to write up or find "turn key" hyrax for SG?
      • Is this Nürax?
      • Nabeela: we should delegate this kind of work
    • "reclamation group" feature identification
  • Question about whether Hyrax relationship to potential org wide roles, if it is "flagship" or "core" offering
  • What should be accomplished by Connect 2019? Julie has some ideas, particularly about resourcing
  • Next Meeting: 12 February 2019
  • Facilitator: Nabeela, Notes: Steve

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