Hyrax Interest Group Call 2021-11-10

Time: 11:30am-12:00pm Eastern

Connection Info: https://iu.zoom.us/j/94019873775?pwd=cmlSb2tCNmQzbmlhUXgvNHVIVkxLUT09
enter pass: 175760

Notetaker: Collin Brittle

Community Notes



  • Attendees

    • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

    • Collin Brittle (Emory)

    • Chris Colvard (Indiana University)

    • Heather Greer Klein (Samvera)

    • Rebekah Kati (UNC-Chapel Hill)

    • Thomas Scherz (Cincinatti)

    • Lynette Rayle (Cornell)

    • Rob Kaufman (Notch8)

  • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group update - Julie Hardesty

    • Documentation PRs

      • Needs reviewers!

    • Issue work from project board

    • nurax-pg testing

      • MVP testing- creating works, etc. Ongoing.

      • Ideally, ready for release script testing by dev congress.

    • Analytics PR review -https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/pull/5089

      • Comes from work Notch8 did for Oregon Digital.

      • Will start review after the tech call today.

      • May break into parts for easier review/merge.

      • Rob is confident this is working on the main branch

      • This may not be backported to Hyrax 2

      • Probably remains a Hyrax 3.x release, but may mean Hyrax 4.

        • Existing setup may be broken, so this could be a minor release

  • Topics and Projects

    • Planning roadmap based on pledges (esp Hyrax-specific pledges)

      • Pledges are coming in!

      • Julie will talk to Heather about Hyrax-specific pledges and planning.

      • Do we have enough pledges that we don’t need a Hyrax call-to-action?

    • Sticker design options for Hyrax Maintenance work

      • Overwhelming consensus is for the Hyrax with the safety goggles.

    • Hyku news

      • Ongoing work for DOI integration

        • Implements the Hyrax DOI gem from labs into Hyku.

      • Search across tenants will be released soon

      • New import/export work

      • Expanded IIIF AV gem, and other IIIF work

        • Supporting media types in IIIF viewer out of the box.

      • Hyku 4 should be released soon™

  • Reminders:

  • Questions?

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, December 8, 11:30am Eastern