Metadata Call 2022-05-24

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info:

Community Notes:


Moderator(s): Anna G.

Notetaker: Anna G.



  • Anna Goslen (UNC-Chapel Hill)

  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

  • Cara Key (Oregon State University)

  • Nora Zimmerman (Lafayette College)

  • Margaret Kibi (UC Santa Barbara)

  • Annamarie Klose (The Ohio State University)



  • Roadmaps Alignment Group Update (Annamarie)

    • No update, group has not met since last SMIG meeting. There is a meeting scheduled for next week.

  • Issues/Questions

    • Reigniting work on M3 and Houndstooth - continued from April meeting

      • Use a future SMIG meeting to review state of the M3 spec, how it might be adapted to meet the desired need

      • Then reach out to Rob, developers again?

      • How to accommodate OAI-PMH mappings that are not DPLA-specific in spec?

      • We will work first on the OAI-PMH documentation discussed below, then we’ll circle back to using another SMIG meeting for the M3 review.

  • Discussion Topics

    • OAI-PMH in Hyrax/Hyku - continued from April meeting

      • ResourceSync has not been widely adopted

      • No OAI feeds available out of the box with Hyrax

        • Some institutions might be okay with Dublin Core, others might want option for qualified Dublin Core, for example

      • How can OAI mappings be integrated with M3?

      • A lot of folks are using blacklight-oai gem - this gem uses the ruby-oai gem

        • Also include basic explanation of the relationship between these gems in documentation SMIG creates.


          • Ruby-oai has been forked to samvera-labs:  

          • There is interest in promoting this gem to a core component

      • How to bring that gem into your Hyrax, configure your feed, etc

        • Ideally, someone who implements the gem could share back their code with the community and have it be a part of the out-of-the-box packages

      • One thing that comes up in harvesting is having link to thumbnail, image, IIIF manifest. This is not really something that can be included in M3 as it currently stands. But could include in the documentation SMIG creates (how different institutions have set it up, any clear best practices)

    • Samvera Virtual Connect reflections

      • OHSU presentation - what worked and what didn’t implementing Hyrax. Need for updating some of the documentation such as customizing the metadata model.

      • Julie: There are questions about the future of the site - Developer Onboarding Group discussions: what are all the places documentation is available, can some things be consolidated? Next meeting Wednesday, June 1, 4pm Eastern


Next call: July 26th, 2022 from 2-3pm EDT