Metadata Call 2018-11-27

Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Juliet Hardesty

Notetaker: Ryan Wick

Community Notes:


  • Attendees
    • Julie Hardesty (Indiana)

    • John Huck (UAlberta)

    • Chrissy Rissmeyer (UC Santa Barbara)

    • Ryan Wick (Oregon State University)

    • Nora Egloff (Lafayette College)

    • Ryan Johnson (UC San Diego)

    • Emily Stenberg (Washington University in STL)

    • Jen Young (Northwestern University)

    • Anna Goslen (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

    • Sarah Seymore (University of Oregon)

    • Julia Simic (University of Oregon)

    • Arwen Hutt (UC San Diego)

    • Sarah Imholt (Oregon State University)

  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection WG
      • Feedback from Samvera Steering - have Functional Requirements doc, does Steering need more info from us? Steering meeting at end of January, hope to have enough info for them to discuss/decide.

      • Julie will ask via email and URI Selection WG can work on things if something more is needed

    • MODS to RDF WG
      • Discussion about making PDF of recommendations.

      • What happens once stable recommendation is completed. Does the Working Group continue?

      • Questions coming to Interest Group

    • Geo Predicates WG (John Huck)
    • Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Specification WG
      • Call for participation through December 11, 2018 (This is the date that was in the official call, but we will wait to send out the Doodle poll until after the demo)

      • Group will be kicking off in January 2019

      • Develop a draft specification for a machine-readable format for metadata modeling, which can be used to generate human/user-facing documentation, batch data entry templates, and define system functionality

        • Specification not specific to Hyrax (or any other solution bundle)

      • Demo scheduled for December 13 (see info below)


  • Roadmap Council update jen young
    • Recommended to Steering a infobox template for WG/IGs to follow. Finding information on working/interest groups can be difficult to find, particularly when group last met, facilitators, etc.

    • Working on a white paper for release early next year. Looking at pain points for community members or possible community members.

  • Topics
    • Hyrax Documentation Recommended Tickets update tamsin woo
      • no Tom Johnson, no update
    • Repo Managers Group - work type metadata definitions
      • Default types for Hyrax out of the box - right now is Image and Generic Work

      • Extending off of MAP work to define default descriptive metadata so might end up with more default fields available based on different work types

      • SMIG might be asked to help with these definitions

    • Fedora 5 documentation
      • Metadata recommendations for working with Fedora, including non-Samvera groups such as Islandora

      • For content modeling, looking at Fedora 4 modeling diagrams, mostly things are still relevant and helpful

      • Example from IU of musical score, UNC-CH master’s paper, other example of audio or video item

      • Useful for new people to see how Fedora works, examples of how it’s implemented

      • Questions or diagrams or info to share can be sent to Julie Hardesty

  • Demos
    • Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Tools demo - Thursday, December 13, 2-3pm Eastern (
    • Other demos?
      • At one time were looking to do a Nurax demo, are people still interested in that?

        • Talk with #nurax on Slack to see if someone can join a SMIG meeting to talk about testing work (short demo)

    • December meeting cancelled.

    • Next meeting is January 22nd.