Hyrax Metadata Ordering Working Group

Scope & Objectives

This group will analyze and compare the solutions for ordering metadata fields in Hyrax offered on the Samvera Tech Google Group thread (see Resources). Commonalities, benefits, and challenges will be noted for each option and a determination will be made whether to incorporate a solution into the codebase for Hyrax or offer recommendations as part of Hyrax documentation.

Deliverables and Timeframe

  • Analyze offered solutions to metadata ordering, identifying commonalities

  • Acquire further information on the offered solutions if necessary

  • Provide a comparison of the challenges and benefits of different methods being used to establish metadata ordering

  • Make recommendation for incorporating solution into Hyrax codebase

This work should take no longer than 2 months from the first working group meeting.

Sunset milestone: The work of this group will be completed by June 30, 2018 (by Samvera Virtual Connect).

Final Report

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meetings will be held at most bi-weekly during the time the working group is active via conference call/video chat. Meeting agendas and notes will be shared with the community via chat (Slack) and Samvera Lists (Google Groups). Members of the group may wish to meet more often as needed.

Meeting time and connection information will be defined when the Working Group forms.

First meeting: Wednesday, March 2, 2-3pm Eastern - https://iu.zoom.us/j/111989167
Next meeting: Wednesday, March 21, 3-4pm Eastern - https://iu.zoom.us/j/111989167  



Metadata Ordering - Proposed Path to a Solution (samvera-tech Google Group thread) - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/samvera-tech/g1oa5B2B0Wk

Meeting Notes