Hyrax Metadata Ordering Call 2018-03-07

Connection Info:

2-3pm Eastern

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty



  • Introductions
  • Hyrax Metadata Ordering Working Group
  • Evaluation ideas/approaches
    • Spreadsheet listing all institutions and provided ordering solutions - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J7-aGnSMnRQaV4MCmHW_Vr4gzEFn-S7v759XbYl-DUY/edit?usp=sharing
    • Split up one for each wg member
    • Most code solutions are not RDF-based (MODS/RDF Subgroup's seems to be only RDF-based solution)
    • How does Valkyrie factor in? These solutions are not using Valkyrie but solution doesn’t have to be RDF-based if Valkyrie is included
    • Common data points for evaluation
      • Script changes/file changes in code (where are different places making changes and are they similar across solutions)
      • Effect on data in Fedora
      • Effect on Solr, if at all
      • Web view in Hyrax (how does ordering look to Hyrax end user)
      • View in Google Scholar, OAI, any external view - if ordering is preservable when pulled or pushed out
      • Can solution be part of Hyrax codebase or are there conflicts with other code?
      • Can this be a feature that can be turned on and off?
      • RDF-based solution?
      • Value types used for ordering - all URIs, all text, or mixed?
    • Create tabs for each institution in spreadsheet
    • Make data points into columns for each institution
    • NU - working on migration to Hyrax right now; main creator field expects URI in Hyrax but not all creators have URIs so separate field for local creator that accepts text
      • how to order that use case?
  • Evaluation plan and next steps
    • Add tabs and email group when ready - think about evaluation points through rest of week
    • Next meeting - Wednesday, March 21, 3pm Eastern - see how evaluation worked for each solution and start comparison