Metadata Call 2015-12-02

Time: 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University)
mcmillwh (Univ. of Cincinnati)

Agenda & Notes

  1. Subgroup reports
    1. Descriptive Working Group
      1. met on 11/18 - Descriptive Metadata Call 2015-11-18
      2. decided to wait on 2 main charges until a use case exists for each:
        1. best practices for handling controlled vocabularies
        2. best practices in handling blank nodes
      3. changed goal of building a metadata application profile to explaining how to build one
        1. the original goal was to be consistent with Hydra in a Box
          1. the default schema for Hydra in a Box is now the DPLA map
          2. no need to replicate this
        2. the focus is now explaining how to build an application profile based on layers 
          1. UCSD can serve as a model for this
            1. layer 1 (lowest): Dublin Core
            2. layer 2: DPLA-consistent
            3. layer 3: local/custom layer 
          2. this will be incorporated into the Dive into Hydra Works tutorial
      4. Carolyn will update the wiki to reflect new goals
      5. we might revisit best practices for blank nodes in the future
    2. MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup
      1. MODS and RDF Call 2015-11-30
    3. Applied Linked Data Working Group
      1. no meeting since Metadata IG last met
    4. Segment of a File Working Group
      1. met on 11/30 -  SoaF call 2015-11-30
      2. looked at image use cases
      3. Rob Sanderson clarified Open Annotation selectors documentation
        1. discussed purpose of OA Fragment Selectors 
          1. clarification of SVG selector
        2. vector-based image use case vs. non-vector image use case
          1. different ways to call those segments of files
      4. hoping to have a draft recommendation sent out to Google groups for feedback mid-December
        1. likely to finalize recommendation by middle of January after considering feedback
  2. Issues/Questions
    1. none
  3. Review Metadata IG Requests and Priorities
    1. Feedback on blank node item and minting new URIs item
      1. best practices for handling blank nodes and nested attributes
        1. discussion about what should be done if there are blank nodes
          1. should they be Skolemized?
        2. we have work related to this with the RDF group in terms of MODS
          1. bringing MODS in with namespaces that don't create blank nodes
        3. we should check with Adam Wead and Hydra developers to get input on how or if blank nodes are being addressed
          1. see discussion on Fedora Tech List w/ subject "Fedora4 and blank nodes"
            1. it appears there is no definite answer at this point
        4. there's no use case, so it would be hard to make a best practice recommendation 
      2. best practices for minting new URIs - referred to two issues:
        1. best practice for when to mint a new URI
          1. we were looking at controlled vocabularies when needed for a predicate vs object term, but that wasn't the original intent
          2. it's unclear what is meant that predicate vs object wasn't an issue
            1. are they talking about minting URIs for predicates or value lists? was this distinction made?
        2. hosting issue - what namespace to use
          1. we've recognized there are situations where predicates are needed and people aren't finding namespaces with the predicate they want to use
          2. people are creating local authorities that they want to host or create a controlled vocabulary for themselves, but don't have a way to host that vocabulary for object terms
          3. in both of these situations, people have been looking to
    2. Requests and Priorities page
      1. Julie will edit items where possible
      2. a back-burner category will be created for items that aren't actionable in the near future 
  4. Additional Items
    1. HMIG meeting schedule over holidays
      1. no meetings on 12/16 or 12/30
      2. Carolyn will facilitate the next meeting on 1/13/16 
    2. Descriptive Metadata WG
      1. next meeting on 12/9 and meetings will resume on 1/6
    3. SoaF
      1. work near completion, so no meetings perhaps until January

5. Action Items

      -Julie will edit request page

      -Julie will check with Karen to determine distinction re: minting URIs and to see if Hydra Steering Group will address it