Metadata Call 2016-06-29

Time: 10:00 am PST / 1:00 pm EST

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University)
Corey Harper
sanderson (BPL), Maggie Dickson (old account) (Duke),  tamsin woo (DPLA),  Chrissy Rissmeyer (she/her) (UCSB), Julia Simic (U. of Oregon) 

Subgroup reports

  1. Subgroup Reports
    1. Descriptive Working Group
    2. MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup
      • Draft of collab doc for identifiers. Best practices for identifiers in linked data
        • Would like to send a survey to the larger metadata group to get feedback
      • Institutional mappings of locations mods element. Collab doc to review for that coming for next meeting
      • Conversion script in progress and almost updated
    3. Applied Linked Data Working Group
      • Linked Data Fragments (LDF) will be used in MODS in RDF group
      • Convo about harvesting from Fedora 4 over sparql rather than blacklight_oai
        • Experiment with whether this be done on top of LDF 
    4. URI Management Working Group
      • Working on Predicate Decision Tree document - Guide to how to find predicates
        • If predicates aren't found, how do you mint new ones? What does the workflow look like?
      • Checked in on their Survey Responses. Are people having trouble finding predicates or controlled vocabs?
        • Sent a reminder to the lists about the survey. 
        • Will be up for a couple more weeks. 
        • If you've been able to find useful predicates, or had trouble, fill out the survey.
  2. Issues/Questions
  3. Review Metadata IG Requests and Priorities
  4. Additional items
    1. Topics from OR 2016
      1. PCDM 2.0 (pre-conf workshop slides -
        • Expansion on / new version of PCDM.
        • Maybe implemented in Sufia 7? 
        • FileSets & Has Related Objects are proposed additions
        • What we might want to know about as an interest group.
        • Many of us haven't had bandwidth to track. 
          • Relationship between HydraWorks FileSet, PCDM FileSet...
          • Same question with hasRelatedObject
          • Implementation details related to nested works discussed on  Hydra Tech Call 2016-06-22
        • Might be worth trying the vagrant instance that just got pulled together.
        • Structural metadata in Sufia 7 – might still be worth having someone from the Sufia 7 group come in.
      2. Sufia 7.0 beta released
      3. other??
        1. nothing else brought up in discussion
    2. Hydra-tech list discussion - PCDM, RelatedObjects, and Sufia (oh my!) - also #general and #metadata discussion on Slack from June 3
      • Same topic as 4.a.1.