Descriptive Metadata Call 2016-06-22

Time: 1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT 

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Moderator: mcmillwh (U. of Cincinnati)

Notetaker: Corey Harper (NYU)

Attendees: Arwen Hutt (UCSD), sanderson (BPL)


  1. Data modeling pain points document update
  2. MODS/RDF prototype update
  3. Metadata discussion on hydra-tech list (PCDM, RelatedObjects, and Sufia (oh my!))
  4. Metadata issues that came up on Slack (around June 3)
  5. - How are different institutions approaching it?
  6. Other/Questions/Issues
  7. Action Items


  • Data Modeling Pain Points Updates:
    • UCSD: Moved focus recently away from data modeling stuff. No updates.
    • UCSB: Chrissy and Arwen talked, and also not looking at data modeling lately
    • NYU also steered away from data modeling and vocabularly selection.
    • Probably will _not_ be a deliverable for Hydra Connect
      • Maybe a lightning talk &/or breakout session
  • MODS & RDF Prototype?
    • Hasn't progressed much yet
    • Maybe a big update coming up before Monday's RDF meeting?
    • Best format to share is probably documentation.
    • Steven will provide some info for Desc MD review
  • PCDM/Sufia & Metadata Slack Convo?
    • Punted on this due to lack of Sufia / PCDM knowledge on call
    • May be worth asking someone from Sufia to join future call to update Metadata IG / Desc WG on relationship modeling decisions? 
  • Rights statements
    • UCSD looking at using URIs instead of string values here - ended up not implementing rights
    • Also looking at how to manage where rights statements not matching / available. 
    • Many values were targeted more towards aggregators. UCSD needed to represent a wider range of restricted use items than could accommodate.
      •  They ended up using some URIs from Europeana
    • BPL also looking to do work here? 
    • Ask at next meeting if there is interest in looking into this further - getting feedback on how various institutions have approached it.

Action Items

  1. Add PCDM/Sufia conversation to agenda for next meeting
  2. Add to agenda for next meeting