Descriptive Metadata Call 2016-02-17

ime: approx. 1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT 

Call-In Info: Google Hangout: 

Moderator: carolyn.hansen (U of Cincinnati)

Notetaker: mcmillwh (U of Cincinnati)



  1. Metadata application profile tutorial for Hydra (
    1. Report from Corey Harper of NYU activity
      1. Work at NYU dealt with thinking more carefully about namespaces from RDF vocabularies
        1. how to avoid defining vocabularies in so many places in the app
      2. there is a Tame your RDF Metadata with ActiveFedora chapter as part of the Dive into Hydra tutorial that is similar to what Corey envisioned
        1. is this current?
          1. some parts only work with Fedora 7
          2. could we work with members of the community to bring this up-to-date?
    2. Scope (do we still want to do this? do folks have the bandwidth?)
      1. If we don't have a use case for this, we may want to go on hiatus 
      2. We could also put it up for a vote: should we pursue this?

Permissions (if we want to do this, is there anyone we need to run this by?)

  1. Carolyn will put together an email with ideas and send it to the group
    1. we may just have a call for agenda items and not plan to meet if there are no items


  1. user stories, survey and what was presented at HydraConnect
    1. we should make a concerted effort to look at those and pull use cases out of them

Action Items

  1. We will cancel the meeting for 2 weeks out, then work over email
  2. Carolyn will send out email regarding next meeting