Metadata Call 2015-04-08

Time: 9:00am PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info: 1-530-881-1400, access code 651025

Moderator: Karen Estlund (Univ. Oregon)

Notetaker: Carolyn Hansen


  • Karen Estlund

  • Esmé Cowles
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer
  • Mark Matienzo
  • Corey Harper
  • Justin Simpson
  • Carolyn Hansen
  • Aaron Coburn
  • Chrissy Rissmeyer
  • Steven Folsom
  • Steven Anderson
  • Aaron Coburn 


  1. Subgroup review
  2. Review immediate/ urgent goals prior to Sufia sprint
  3. Discuss base scope needed for technical metadata
  4. Additional Items

Next call: 2015-04-15


  1. Subgroup Review
    1. Technical Metadata (chaired by Aaron and Nick)
      -most pressing timeline
    2. Rights Metadata (chaired by Esmé)
      -group will work on creating best practices, mapping
    3. Descriptive Metadata (chaired by Carolyn)
      - group will collect user stories, specifically what is causing functionality problems; what are the base metadata standards; best practices for clusters around different metadata standards
      -user stories should include metadata aggregators (DPLA)
      - goal to have stories for presentation at Hydra Connect
    4. LDP (chaired by Steven Anderson)
      group will work on best practices, caching issues
      - concern about caching and management of external vocabularies; there is potential for using linked data fragments; a conference call is scheduled to talk about this next week (let Corey Harper know you are interested)
    5. Communication
      - subgroup chairs will contact members directly for participation
      - we will use Wiki for communication, meeting notes, etc.
      - for subgroups facilitators, this conference line is reserved for Wednesday 1-2pm (EST) every two weeks; it can be used by the subgroups, more details tbd

  2. Review immediate/urgent goals prior to Sufia sprint
    1. Sufia needs FITS profile before their May sprint

    2. would like a base technical metadata profile for generic files

    3. Sufia is already using something with FITS in XML, needs FITS in RDF

    4. interest in using pronom properties (see

  3. Discuss base cope needed for technical metadata
    1. see notes above

  4. Additional Items
    1. Partnerships
      - Karen spoke with Hydra folks about this; as long as no code is written, anyone can be part of the Metadata Group and Subgroups, as long as everyone agrees that any work done by the group will be made available under a Creative Commons license