Metadata Call 2015-10-07

Time: 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator:  Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University)

Notetaker:  mcmillwh



  1. Announcement: We are now the Hydra Metadata Interest Group and  Juliet Hardesty will be facilitating
    1. The wiki for this group and subgroups will have to be updated. Julie is working on updates.
  2. Subgroup Reports
    1. Descriptive Subgroup
      1. Survey raw data has been posted to wiki for last week's call:  Descriptive Metadata Call 2015-09-30
      2. Proposed Best Practice Elements have also been posted on  Descriptive Metadata Call 2015-09-30
        1. format vs. content type in particular
        2. still questions about this element set
          1. spreadsheet posted to help work on the set
    2. MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup
      1. The group has developed a working document for a recommendation on dealing with title element
      2. sanderson is working on constructing draft recommendations for dealing with name element
        1. also working on XSL transformation for testing
      3. The group will continue to go element by element in developing recommendations
    3. Applied Linked Data Subgroup
      1. No update
    4. Segment of a File Structural Metadata Working Group
      1. Originally the Structural Metadata Subgroup
        1. at HydraConnect the first meeting took place and the scope was narrowed to focus on segment of a file
          1. concerns about interfering with PCDM work currently happening in Hydra
      2. Julie sent out a call for participants
      3. Avalon and IIIF are already using some standards for segments of a file
        1. Avalon is using W3C Media Fragments
          1. the group from Avalon will be working on a draft soon
        2. IIIF has a specification for calling out portions of an image file
        3. Other formats will need to be dealt with
      4. The Segment of a File Subgroup will document what's already happening and look at other formats
  3. Issues / Questions
  4. Review Metadata IG Requests and Priorities
    1. We've been trying to determine which subgroups are best suited to tackle these
    2. The first two issues deal with segments of a file, but they're bigger than just segment of a file issues, so they may need to come back to the IG as a whole
      1. representative example of PCDM model in RDF based on user stories (need to be refreshed)
      2. best practices for dealing with derivatives and how they're connected to a file on an object
  5. Additional Items
    1. Islandora Metadata Interest Group potential collaboration - "Wiki" link on the right contains subgroups
  6. Action Items
    1. Julie will be contacting Islandora Metadata IG
    2. next meeting scheduled in 2 weeks on Wed, Oct 21