Metadata Call 2017-02-28

Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (641) 715 3660, access code 651025 

Moderator: ruth.k.tillman

Community Notes


  • Attendees:

    • Ruth Tillman - University of Notre Dame

    • John Huck - University of Alberta

    • Charles Hosale - WGBH

    • Jen Young - Northwestern University

    • Andy Weidner - University of Houston

    • Chrissy Rissmeyer - UC Santa Barbara

  • Subgroup Reports

    • MODS and RDF Descriptive Metadata Subgroup

      • Nobody here from that group.

    • URI Management Working Group

      • Met for final time last week

      • Finalized Predicate Decision Tree, Functional Requirements for community vocab manager, and white paper explaining work of group

      • All documents are in process of being saved to wiki (as PDF or in case of Predicate Decision Tree as wiki page for future editing)

      • Decided to post charter for URI Selection Working Group and call for participants to move things forward as much as possible

  • Issues/Questions

    • URI Selection Working Group - feedback on starting this group/waiting until later

      • Project Hydra name change will impact URI Selection Working Group since no new URIs can be created without a replacement for (the domain under which new predicates are slotted to live)

      • Possibilities for other work in the interim - reviewing/revising suggest review process, explore secondary/neutral domain for vocab manager, process predicate requests up to point of creating URI)

  • Topics

    • HMIG demo - feedback/ideas for improvement

      • Important that we’re recording them

    • Hydra community help documentation for metadata (creating new info or organizing existing info)

      • (Check in with Bess Sadler doing documentation for developers, mentioned this at regional meeting in Santa Cruz)

      • Hyrax metadata -

      • Avalon metadata

      • Other systems with metadata defined?

      • How to's:

        • Plan metadata migration from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4

        • Add ontologies to Hyrax

        • Deciding what fields to index for search/browse

          • Basic overview of what Solr fields mean/how to look at them? (aka ssim/tesim)

        • Other ideas?

      • Other kinds of collected metadata/documentation?

  • Informing from other Hydra IG/WG

    • Applied Linked Data

      • Next meeting will be 3/20 - 3pm EST

      • Working on matching string literals against a cached Linked Data triplestore and implementing that functionality into QA.

    • PCDM

    • UX

    • Preservation/Archivists

    • Architecture

    • Geospatial/GIS (John Huck)

      • A new working group is in development that would survey available options and make recommendations for choice of predicates for key geospatial metadata (e.g., bounding box, scale, projection).

      • In theory, this process could result in submissions to the URI Selection Working Group.

      • The hope will be to work towards building community consensus by consulting with relevant initiatives underway.

      • A draft of the charter will likely be presented at the next GIS IG call in March, with a call for participation to follow thereafter (I don't think the call is scheduled yet).

    • Plugins

  • Demos to schedule - ideas?

    • Notre Dame - JSON-LD Export (April?)

    • UC Santa Barbara (Chrissy) - Metadata ingest workflow (maybe May)