Applied Linked Data Call 2015-08-20


Linked Data Fragments Update:

  • All tests for the pull request at have been mocked out using VCR.
    • Feedback: SubjectController shouldn't be the location of the caching backend (ie. Marmotta handler and such). That should likely be a separate global class that handles that.
    • Otherwise seems to be fine overall. Trey merged the pull request into master.
  • Remaining TODOs:
    • Engifying (James)
    • Additional backend of Repository from rdf.rb (Steven)
    • Active Triples persistence method so that it will query Linked Data Fragments over something else. (Trey)
      • This hook to be in the Linked Data Fragments codebase.
    • Test it out against an actual repository to see if it works.
  • Other Notes:
    • ulan uri's will cause trouble with marmotta. Same for all Getty vocabularies like AAT.
      • rdf.rb knows how to work with it but marmotta needs some manual configuration due to some weird location pointing in the response.
      • Stuff like works without issue though.
    • Rails doesn't do content negotiate right. For example, rdf.rb might have have trouble talking to this. 
    • Goal is still to have Linked Data Fragments in a "useable" state by Hydra Connect.
      • Trey would like to use it as part of his presentation on Linked Data labels rather than just using some custom marmotta code.

Linked Data Fragments Standup:

  • Will be on Friday, August 28th at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST on the same Google Hangouts link.

Next Official Meeting:

  • Next meeting will be September 17th at 9:00 AM PST / Noon EST. (Skipping September 3rd due to almost everyone being out).