SG monthly call 25 September


  • Carolyn Caizzi (Chair-elect, see #2)
  • Esmé Cowles
  • Hannah Frost
  • Kevin Kochanski
  • Brian McBride
  • Rosalyn Metz (Chair)
  • Alicia Morris 
  • Simeon Warner
  • John Weise 
  • Richard Green


  1. Changes to the agenda

  2. Election of Chair-Elect
    1. Confirmed Carolyn Caizzi in this role

  3. Election of Finance Subcommittee
    1. Confirm Finance subcommittee as: RM, CC, EC, SW + RG and Community Manager ex-officio.  

  4. Status checks and FYIs
    1. Connect 2020 on-line
      Suggested that ALL reach out to manager and AUL contacts to encourage them to give space to their team members to attend
      1. T-Shirts/Cups/Sticker shop
        Set up sales on the basis of cost recovery only. 
      2. Connect 2021 announcement
        Make an open-ended announcement during the virtual conference.  We still hope to have a face-to-face event at Notre Dame but are keeping our options open.  Likewise for UC Santa Barbara in 2022.
    2. Virtual Partner Meeting - October 14th/15th
      ALL please add any items to unordered agenda.  Timed agenda soon.
      RM and CC are leading a session on "what do you like or dislike about the governance changes made?"and providing a form to offer this information anonymously ahead of the event.
    3. It Takes a Village
      We have registered our interest in taking part in the pilot (only)
    4. Code of Conduct updating
      Sage is ready and will attend some of Connect On-line.  Hope to sign a contract shortly. We are actively seeking nominations for five Samvera people to work on the review with them.
    5. LSE withdrawal from Partnership
      This has long been expected.  We have sent a nice reply.
    6. Slack subscription
      Our 2019 subscription was paid but didn't find its way into our accounts.  Lyrasis are looking into this.  2020 payment due November. 
    7. Acquiring wiki editing permissions
      Lyrasis are proposing a complex method for adding future people for editing rights on the Samvera wiki.  We will talk to them about implementing a much simpler solution.

  5. Appointment of Community Manager
    1. We will make a public announcement about the appointment early next week.

  6. Samvera Community Accounts - update list
    1. This is all part of #5b and will be dealt with in due course

  7. Date of next call
    1. Move the October call to 11/6 and the November call to 12/4   0800 PT, 1100 ET, 1600 UK
      RG to modify iCALs (tick)