SG monthly call 24 May 2019


    • Julie Allinson
    • Chris Awre (apologies)
    • Carolyn Caizzi (apologies)
    • Jon Dunn  (Chair-Elect)
    • Mike Giarlo
    • Richard Green  (Chair)
    • Rosalyn Metz 
    • Robin Ruggaber (apologies)
    • John Weise (apologies)


  1. Changes to Agenda

  2. Group status checks
    1. Partner call
    2. Roadmap Council
      Working on survey to identify what on the roadmap needs resourcing
    3. Fundraising WG
      Secondary funding appeal has gone out to the lists
    4. Phase 2 Contribution Model WG

  3. Other status checks
    1. GDPR statement
    2. Backup fiscal sponsor
      Still under investigation - one possible taker but we need a firm commitments from someone.
    3. URI selection WG
      Strategy to address the needs of the Group agreed.
    4. Connect 2019
      1. Discussions with WashU
      2. Program Committee
      3. Sponsorship
        Funding WG will begin to search for sponsors
      4. Anti-harassment policy
        Group to be convened after OR
      5. Samvera repository of Connect materials
        Discussions ongoing to begin implementation shortly

  4. 2019 Steering elections
    1. Status check
      Closing date for nominations Friday 5/31.  Process all in hand.

  5. Permanent positions
    1. Salary information
      Further information received and considered from DuraSpace/Lyrasis about staffing costs.  Steering to set up a call with DuraSpace.
    2. Posts
      Need to work on priorities and job descriptions.

  6. Code of Conduct
    1. Recent report, next steps
      Next steps agreed.
    2. Status Check
      See 3 (d) iv

  7. Any other business

  8. Date of next on meeting
    1. Friday 28 June, 8.30am PT, 10.30am Central,11.30am ET, 4.30pm