SG monthly call 27 March 2020


  • Julie Allinson
  • Chris Awre
  • Carolyn Caizzi
  • Jon Dunn  (Chair)
  • Hannah Frost
  • Rosalyn Metz 
  • Robin Ruggaber
  • Simeon Warner
  • John Weise
  • Richard Green

  1. Changes to the agenda
  2. Status checks
    1. Community Manager
      1. Search Committee
        Search Committee now complete and ready to go.
      2. Progress regarding hiring arrangements and posting (see also 3(a))
      3. Emory Hiring Freeze
        Emory have a hiring freeze but  'endowed positions' may be exempt - if so, this is moving forward. 
    2. Tech job description
      Being reviewed
    3. Hyrax PO
      Possible appointment subject to the person getting local agreement - they would need to 'ramp up' as other commitments were shed.  If this falls through we have a number of possible alternatives.
    4. Fundraising team
      1. Fundraising issues in light of COVID-19
        Need to change the language of the fundraising letter to allow for possible constraints and/or opportunities resulting from the pandemic.  Need to move up the invoicing.  RG to liaise with Lyrasis about this and to suggest changes to the existing text.
    5. Partner prospectus - what was the plan for this?
      Put the document on the website (maybe under 'who uses?')  Alert Partners to its existence and encourage them to read it (in the context of the Contribution Model changes) and to share it as appropriate. RG to arrange.
    6. 2019 Annual Report
      In progress - waiting for one last bit of text.
    7. Governance survey
      Ready for use following an exercise at the virtual Partner Meeting
    8. ITAV next steps
      Go ahead with the current suggestions on a Fall timetable.
    9. Virtual Connect 2020, May 14-15
      The planning team seem to be making steady progress.
    10. Connect 2020
      1. Update
      2. Contingency for COVID-19 issues?
        RG to contact UCSB (SC2020) and Notre Dame (SC2021) to discuss possibilities.
    11. Connect 2021
      See above.
    12. Code of Conduct
      RG to email Code of Conduct committee to try to find out about progress. 
    13. Sloan Foundation approach
      Discussion of whether now was the right time to pursue this (with the stock market slump). Might be a good time to push the 'enabling remote working' angle?  
    14. Anything for next Partner call
      Partner prospectus
      Possible update on SC2020/21

  3. Lyrasis
    1. Arrangements for 2020/21
      No reply yet from Lyrasis re JD's questions.  Need also to clarify the position over continuing the arrangements for paying RG beyond the summer.  Lyrasis proposal for a 2020/21 service is acceptable.
    2. Budget for 2020/21
      RG needs info from Emory about costs additional to basic salary and to know that Lyrasis will pay across two payments to Emory in 20/21 without overhead charges. With that information a budget can be drawn up.
    3. Discussions re organizational home
      NTR. Defer for now.

  4. Spring 2020 Virtual Partner Meeting
    1. Update
      Draft timetable available at the link.  RG and Maria Whitaker will now publicize it and check that people can 'do' their slots.
    2. Slots for Steering matters - final call

  5. Plan S Survey (see email from Rosy)
    1. How to respond?
      Probably ought to be dealt with at the Hyku and Hyrax levels.  Respond to the request and then reach out to the relevant working groups.

  6. Other business
    1. Some concern that a key Working Group doesn't seem to be holding its regular calls.  Follow up.

  7. Date of next call
    1. Friday April 24th 0800 PDT, 1100 EDT, 1600 BST