SB Monthly call 28th May 2021


  1. Carolyn Caizzi (Chair-elect)

  2. Esmé Cowles

  3. Hannah Frost regrets

  4. Kevin Kochanski 

  5. Brian McBride regrets

  6. Rosalyn Metz (Chair)

  7. Alicia Morris 

  8. Simeon Warner 

  9. John Weise  regrets

  • Heather Greer Klein


  1. Status checks

    1. CoC – Community Safety

      1. Work with Annalee

        1. Samvera Community Safety Working Group meeting on May 6 - Reviewed current CoC draft with consultant Annalee Flower Horner ; talked through a few open issues. Overall looking very good!

        2. Waiting for a finished draft from Annalee for our sign-off.

        3. Annalee has submitted 1st invoice.

      2. The emerging volunteer supporting structure

        • Community Helpers (“Helpers”) - every day commitment

          • Event Helpers - event commitment

        • Response Team (“Responders”) - any time, term-limited

          • “Incident Team” - as needed

    2. OASIS transition

      1. Draft agreement nearly ready for transition of funds

      2. Will begin staff transition planning after July 1

    3. Election – will extend deadline

    4. Roadmaps Alignment Group (regular status check) – preparing to present Hyrax findings at July Partner call

    5. Partner invoices – all invoiced, only one Partner has said they can’t contribute due to a funding freeze

      1. Other fundraising outreach – Rosalyn will reach out to EBSCO to see if they want to contribute

    6. Developer Support & Engagement update

      1. Excellent ideas generated in the around conversation on Challenges for Developer Participation in Samvera Code Implementation

      2. Working to convene meeting of all technology leads and POs in the Community; restart or revamp the Component Maintenance WG

      3. Draft agenda for the meeting

    7. Samvera Connect Online planning committee – time to get started? Dates are currently Oct 18-21

      1. Will get the save the date and program committee call out after Heather’s vacation

  2. OASIS attorney conversation

    1. Reviewing iCLA and cCLA

    2. Easy process for adding other project repos

    3. Who developed the Samvera Labs criteria? What do we do to change the documentation? – Heather will reach out about how to update that process.

  3. Revised New Partner Agreement

    1. Discussed how to simplify and revise the agreement per the OASIS attorney suggestions

  4. Technology maintenance

    1. Components Maintenance WG – not meeting currently. Calling a one-time meeting of all POs to determine a monthly meeting time

    2. Next cycle for Hyrax Maintenance WG – needs developer volunteers

      1. Work that needs to be done regardless of the grant

    3. What is the first step for the Tech Lead role description process?

  5. New Partner recruitment

    1. Discussed organizations that might be interested in Partnership.

  6. Misc

    1. OR presentations – will share next week

    2. Summer calendars – planning our calls around vacations

      1. Heather will start an email thread about schedules

    3. List for annual processes

    4. Orientation for new Board members

Items for next partner call: none
Date of next meeting: June 25th – potential changes to Summer dates