SG monthly call 25 April contined f2f 30 April at the Partner Meeting


    • Julie Allinson
    • Chris Awre
    • Carolyn Caizzi
    • Jon Dunn  (Chair-Elect)
    • Mike Giarlo
    • Richard Green  (Chair)
    • Rosalyn Metz (apologies for call, present for f2f)
    • Robin Ruggaber (apologies for call, present for f2f)
    • John Weise

  1. Changes to Agenda

  2. Group status checks
    1. Partner call
      Nothing to report (NTR)
    2. Roadmap Council
    3. Fundraising WG
    4. Phase 2 Contribution Model WG
      Deferred in RM's absence

  3. Other status checks
    1. GDPR statement
      Response from Hull's counsel that the proposed text looks good but querying a couple of items which will be followed up.
    2. Backup fiscal sponsor
      No firm responses yet.
    3. URI selection WG
    4. Website updates
      New/updated FAQ promised in the next few days.  RG to process.
    5. Community manager and knowledge transfer (see also #5)
    6. Virtual Connect - reflections?
      Went very well...
    7. Connect 2019
      1. Discussions with WUSTL
        Discussions in progress with local host committee, program committee, Fundraising and Marketing WGs (re sponsorship).  Website up. CfP for workshops out.
    8. DLF Forum
      1. Sponsorship paperwork sent
      2. Workshop proposal sent
    9. Samvera repository of Connect materials
      1. Discussions ongoing. Material taken from our wiki would already have CC rights, but we will offer to take down from the repository anything that authors are unhappy about.

  4. 2019 Steering elections
    1. Timetable agreed
    2. Agreed that RG and MG will stand down vacating two places.  (The third place for this year has already been taken by the election to fill Debra Hanken Kurtz's vacated seat.)

  5. Partner Meeting 29-30 April
    1. Discussion of Steering's agenda items

  6. Anti-harassment policy
    1. A specific item of harassment was discussed and agreement reached on dealing with it.
    2. The anti-harassment policy has served us well but now lags behind that of peer groups.  We will charter a group to update it in time for use in the context of Connect 2019.

  7. Dealing with public criticism of Samvera
    1. General guidelines for dealing with public criticism in a way that should not inflame the situation were discussed.

  8. Any other business
    1. CLAs
      An 'edge case' iCLA was briefly discussed resulting in agreement to accept it.
    2. Staffing priorities
      This particular Steering discussion took place during the period of Partner Meeting.  The Partners present in Indianapolis unanimously supported a plan to contract Richard Green in a paid interim Community support and knowledge transfer post starting August 2019.  A wider discussion of potential Samvera posts raised the question of what roles we actually need to fill (the Governance WG proposed a Community Manager and a Technical Manager.  Do we also need, say, a Product Manager?) and what the priorities for hiring these positions should be.