SB monthly call 25th June 2021


  1. Carolyn Caizzi (Chair-elect)

  2. Esmé Cowles

  3. Hannah Frost

  4. Kevin Kochanski 

  5. Brian McBride

  6. Rosalyn Metz (Chair) regrets

  7. Alicia Morris 

  8. Simeon Warner 

  9. John Weise  regrets


  • Heather Greer Klein


  1. Status checks

    1. OASIS transition – Board finalized the asset transition document.

      1. Have reached out about purchase card, orientation for Heather and Alicia

    2. IIIF viewer repo transition: It is a simple Apache 2 license so according to OASIS no paperwork required. See:

      1. Will need to transfer this advice to our documentation for this process

    3. Election: All ballots received by Partner primary contacts. Deadline to vote is July 6th.

    4. Website protection next steps – approved by Board

      1. Recommend we migrate the site to managed WordPress on SiteGround, which includes backup, automatic updates and patches.

      2. $60 for the first year, $180/year after that, $2/month for active malware scanning

      3. Migration of WP database from LYR will be minimal disruption

    5. Roadmaps Alignment Group (regular status check) – prepping for the July Partner presentation

    6. Connect 2021 Program committee meeting next week

    7. Developer Support & Engagement update

      1. Challenges for Developer Participation in Samvera Code Implementation

        1. Next step: a list of proposed changes and a timeline

        2. Presentation to Board and Partners, and at Connect

        3. Already piloting office hours, fixing documentation

        4. Looking to change maintenance work schedule to six months ahead

      2. Notes from the meeting of tech leads

      3. Still need a developer, 1-2 QA for Hyrax Maintenance WG

      4. Only experienced devs signed up for Summer Dev Congress. This might be an issue of timing, return to campus, vacations etc.

  2. CoC – Community Safety

    1. Hope to have Annalee’s doc combed through by July 1 meeting, expect that to be done.

    2. Request for Board approval of annual budget for Response Team training ($350 x 2-3?) – with Otter Tech for as long as it is offered. Board Approved for up to $700; can request additional funds if needed

    3. Heather will check in with Annalee on remaining hours

    4. Need to reconfirm Helpers and seek new Helpers, then charter and form the official response team and arrange any needed training.

    5. Review and update the CoC and Anti-Harassment policy

    6. Accessibility policy for Samvera – want to put this together and make sure it is applied to Connect 2021

  3. New Partner recruitment status check

    1. Discussed potential new Partners to approach and outreach plans for these potential Partners.

  4. Partner engagement discussion

    1. Will check in on Partners after Connect 2021

  5. Revised New Partner Agreement – approved by Board

    1. Approval on the simple agreement for new Partners

    2. Will send an email to existing Partners in July about the MOU being superceded by the Bylaws. Allows for simple agreement for new Partners, and existing Partners don’t need to sign anything.

    3. Document that “technical framework” is defined broadly in any reference to Partners

  6. Misc

    1. Summer calendars – planning our calls around vacations

      1. Moving Aug call to Aug 20th

    2. Should we start planning an in-person winter retreat?

      1. Decided to hold dates January 24-25 for either in person, online or hybrid

    3. Technology additions will be discussed next month: Google Voice, Zoom

Items for next partner call: n/a

Date of next meeting: July 23