SG Monthly call 26 March 2021


  1. Carolyn Caizzi (Chair-elect)
  2. Esmé Cowles
  3. Hannah Frost
  4. Kevin Kochanski 
  5. Brian McBride
  6. Rosalyn Metz (Chair)
  7. Alicia Morris 
  8. Simeon Warner 
  9. John Weise 
  • Heather Greer Klein


  1. Fundraising and finance committee 
    1. Designate a treasurer (see final bylaws text)
    2. When will the appointment start? What is their cycle? – 2 years in the interest of stability, starting in January. Will be back on a calendar FY. Wouldn't want Treasurer and chair to roll at the same time. Treasurer at the start of the year. Also doesn't say the person has to be on the Board, but it makes sense to have a BOD member.
    3. This cycle would be as if it started January 2021
    4. Will put an email call for Treasurer volunteer and member volunteer
    5. Who is on the subcommittee – RM, CC, a Treasurer and at least one more member. That other member could provide some continuity.

  2. Status checks
    1. CoC – Community Safety
      1. Samvera Helpers Meet-up next week – will have a draft working group charter to discuss
      2. Submitted presentation proposal for Virtual Connect
      3. Annalee Flower Horne working on a full draft
    2. IMLS grant proposal – submitted to IU office of sponsored research yesterday. 
    3. Partner meeting April 12-13
      1. Will message Partners to cancel the regular call
      2. What should be added to the agenda?
      3. In the past it has been chaired by someone who pulled together the agenda. 
      4. can present a single day agenda and see if it gets a response
      5. can ask OASIS to present
      6. brief IMLS grant overview – PALS and IU
      7. take CoC off agenda (will be at Connect)
    4. Virtual Connect April 20-21
      1. What would Steering like to present? Will do a version of the CNI talk
    5. Annual Report
    6.  How to report about $300 that can't be accounted for?
      1. Heather will take a look at the FY docs one more time to see if this is a discrepancy we can report to LYR.  
    7. Elections coming up – Will announce it at partner meeting. nominations in May, elections in June for Aug start
    8. Roadmaps Alignment Group (new regular status check item) No updates this month

  3. Next steps for fiscal sponsorship
    1. Message to community list about new fiscal sponsor/OASIS press release to their community 
      1. timeline: message to community; more formal press release/blog post in conjunction with LYRASIS. Will message community, then blog post, then change bylaws and Steering in July. 
    2. Fundraising letters go out in April directing funds to OASIS Foundation on behalf of Samvera
    3. Bylaws/Steering name change is July 1. Messaging around elections will be a nice way top reinforce this. 

  4. Tech Lead for Hyrax
    1. Job description – to be created. 
    2. Will add this to the Partner Meeting to talk about an approach for this, know that it would come in July. 

  5. Misc

Date of next meeting: April 23