SB monthly call 24th September 2021



  1. Carolyn Caizzi (Chair)

  2. Esmé Cowles (Chair-elect)

  3. Jeremy Friesen

  4. Hannah Frost

  5. Harriett Green

  6. Brian McBride

  7. Rosalyn Metz regrets

  8. Alicia Morris 

  9. Simeon Warner 


  • Heather Greer Klein


  1. Changes to the agenda

  2. New Partnerships discussion
    Discussed potential new Partners and how to address requests for joint Partnerships.

  3. Template letter for AULs
    Reviewed a template for reaching out to AULs or ULs as appropriate when there is a leadership change at a Partner organization. Can offer a meeting as well and choose who will be part of each discussion based on matching the right Board member with who we are speaking to; including Chair but also another Board member, and the CM.

  4. Thank you to Tamsin from Board for Hyrax Tech Lead service

  5. Status checks

    1. How much we will miss Jeremy

    2. Recap timeline for Board election

      1. October 1st deadline, will send ballots that day. Close Oct 18th at the latest

      2. Will have person in place for October meeting

    3. Pledge drive

      1. 1 pledge so far but aware of lots of internal discussion!

    4. Partner contributions

      1. 23 paid ($166,625)

      2. 5 still to pay ($27,500) – assigned follow-up

      3. 1 still to be invoiced

    5. Roadmaps Alignment Group (regular status check)

      1. Beginning cross-tech maintenance planning

    6. Connect 2021 Program committee

      1. Schedule in presenter review, plan is it will be out next week

      2. 59 registered so far

    7. Finance Subcommittee

      1. Need to schedule an October meeting

    8. CoC – Community Safety

      1. Incident Response team out for Community review

    9. Julie Allinson Memorial Award

      1. Small group met, has proposal

      2. Board approved this award

    10. New Partner recruitment status check

  6. Hyrax Tech Lead Recruitment

    1. Current approach – leaving the position vacant for now, discuss at Fall Partner Meeting. Current birden is too high for a volunteer.

    2. Julie and Lynette are working on creating a group with specific areas of expertise for consultation, to call upon for PR review

    3. Jeremy notes there is a lot of management and mentoring in the role, and this new approach would give a new tactic to approach those aspects of this work

  7. What can we learn from the IMLS grant feedback?

    1. Group from grant met, and we will not resubmit the grant. Work needs to happen more quickly than the timeline.

    2. We will create two sub-communities – Postgres and Fedora – to identify how we can move the Hyrax/Valkyrie work into completion.

    3. Julie and Lynette will work together to update the test scripts and possibly reformat as a feature set list

    4. Julie has reached out to DCE to see about adding a new Nurax instance of latest Hyrax backed by postgres (this work would be done by Lynette). Testing from community would be needed to generate tickets for any remaining work on Wings.

  8. Training planning for Samvera 2022

    1. DCE camp being planned for spring

    2. Community-led efforts

      1. Onboarding and documentation WG

      2. Week of Hyrax onboarding 3x per year ahead of dev congresses

      3. Work off of DCE updated training to hold another camp with non-DCE trainers

      4. Could we bring in outside training energy?

        1. Community could join an existing scheduled training

        2. Could coordinate a specific paid training of interest to multiple institutions – Sandy Metz was popular in the past

  9. Misc

    1. Nov/Dec/Jan meetings need to be moved

      1. November 19th

      2. December 17th

      3. January Board retreat – virtual again – Jan 24-25

Items for next Partner call: Partner meeting – please add to the agenda. Esme and Simeon will help with a future-looking discussion activity and any pre-work needed to make it successful.

Date of next meeting: Oct 29th – confirmed this is the best date for all