SB monthly call 23rd July 2021


  1. Carolyn Caizzi (Chair-elect)

  2. Esmé Cowles

  3. Hannah Frost

  4. Kevin Kochanski 

  5. Brian McBride

  6. Rosalyn Metz (Chair)

  7. Alicia Morris  regrets

  8. Simeon Warner 

  9. John Weise 


  • Heather Greer Klein

  • Jeremy Friesen

  • Harriett Green


  1. Changes to the agenda

    1. Electing a chair-elect for this next year, starting in August.

  2. Welcome and introduction

  3. Status checks

    1. OASIS transition

      1. All funds transferred

      2. Planning a Finance Subcommittee meeting in August

      3. Working on getting a purchasing card

    2. Partner contributions

      1. 17 paid ($116,125)

      2. 13 still to pay ($76,500)

      3. 1 still to be invoiced

    3. Roadmaps Alignment Group (regular status check)

      1. Partner call presentation

      2. Will ensure a rotation for Interest Group representatives, and ensure a Repository Management representative

    4. Connect 2021 Program committee

      1. Request for Sched $599 – “plus” tier nonprofit cost which mitigates issues from last year

      2. Request for funds up to $500 for keynote speaker

      3. We need keynote speaker suggestions, t-shirt design ideas, additional committee members

      4. CfP are open; workshops we want to have in place in time for registration opening

      5. No concerns, both are passed

    5. CoC – Community Safety

      1. Response Plan, Volunteer Structure, and Glossary complete

      2. Call for Helpers and Response team members, with improved wiki documentation, coming 1st week in August

    6. Technology funding request

      1. Google voice $10/month

      2. Zoom $150/yr/license beginning August, to replace Heather’s current license via Emory ahead of moving employment to OASIS Open

      3. Both are passed without objection

  4. New Partner recruitment status check


    1. This is about sustainability: building expertise, making sure that the things we rely on are maintained

    2. Require an orientation week for those who are not up to speed on Samvera

    3. Make it clear that tech leadership will determine work based on the individuals who are available in each Section – there is maintenance work at all levels that can be planned once we know who will be available when

    4. Could an institution also pay for hours from a service provider?

    5. Should also consider bounties for large maintenance needs, other features in future

  6. Performance review for Heather via Emory University process

Items for next partner call:

Date of next meeting: August 20th