SG Winter Retreat 24-25 January 2019


    • Julie Allinson (On-line)
    • Chris Awre (On-line)
    • Jon Dunn  (Chair-Elect)
    • Mike Giarlo (On-line)
    • Richard Green  (Chair)
    • Rosalyn Metz
    • Robin Ruggaber
    • John Weise
    • Carolyn Caizzi


  1. Short items
    1. GDPR document for Samvera - status check
      1. In progress, draft soon
    2. Potential Partners status check
      1. Two potential Partners being shepherded through the process - ongoing, but close
    3. University of Alberta  - request to withdraw from Partnership
      1. Accept UA's resignation (they are taking a different technology path) but keep in touch
    4. Revised Partner Memorandum of Understanding - status check
      1. New wording agreed to reflect new governance
      2. Formal amendment document will be written up and legally checked
    5. DuraSpace/Lyrasis merger
      1. SG noted the merger (we had confidential prior notice) but this will have no immediate impact on our relationship with DuraSpace
    6. Update from Fundraising WG
      1. Concentrating on three tasks: guidance for the 2019 fundraising appeal to existing Partners and supporters; making a recommendation on whether Samvera should seek sponsorship for Connect - and if so, how; how to target potential donors of large sums successfully
    7. 2018 Annual Report
      1. This needs to be completed asap to help the work of the Fundraising WG.  Process discussed.
    8. Attendance at Partner meetings - who should be there?
      1. Discussion of who would usefully be represented in addition to Partners in order to inform Partner discussions
    9. We used to have (but have stopped) a developer congress alongside Partner Meetings and Connect.  Revisit the pros and cons?  
      1. Take this discussion to Partner Meeting in April
    10. Identifying a "backup" fiscal sponsor that we could rely on if, for instance, DuraSpace were unable or unwilling to continue in this role.  
      1. A number of options will be explored
    11. URI Selection Working Group predicate hosting
      1. WG are requesting resources - contact them about getting a fuller picture

  2. Securing Samvera's future
    1. Multi- hour discussion about possible strategies to ensure stability, sustainability and solidity of both the community and the codebase, including:
      1. Might a full-time tech employee have as part of his/her responsibilities the maintenance of a turnkey Hyrax - a VM or Docker install, perhaps? Potential adopters would welcome something to "play with" locally.
        1. Yes - and with a relatively small of work we could probably do it now.  Needs to have lots of caveats around not being a production-ready example, need for local adaptation etc. Actively investigate.
      2. Might they also maintain a Hy* instance to host all our past Connect materials? We should be seen to use our own software
        1. Yes - and, again, it would take relatively little resourcing.  Actively investigate,
      3. Resourcing and maintaining the codebase, especially in light of the Hyrax resourcing call.  
        1. Long discussion about approaches to this.  A number of ideas will be investigated.
      4. What is the goal of Samvera's marketing efforts?  
        1. Getting information to decision makers about what Samvera is and does, and why they should be part of it.  Wider awareness and adoption is a definite goal.
      5. Connect 2019 program - SG input?
        1. A strand of "blue sky thinking topics" might broaden the event's appeal. Pass idea to Program Committee when formed.
      6. HykuDirect site transfer from DuraSpace
        1. As agreed in discussions with DuraSpace, Samvera should take over responsibility for enquiries about Hyku Direct (which service they have decided not to offer)
      7. Should we have  an "organizational" roadmap as well as a technical one?  What does it look like?  
        1. Mission and vision comes first: make it an item for Partner meeting in April.

  3. Community matters
    1. Steering "issues" that we should think about
      1. Extensive discussion in support of succession planning beyond summer 2019
        1. A number of strategies discussed for ensuring institutional knowledge and community involvement capacity is not lost because of potential personnel changes. Key strategies being investigated, including...
        2. Investigate temporary external funding for a Community Manager post and urgently develop job descriptions etc to support this.
      2. Steering was never intended to steer and this causes confusion.  Should we seek a name change?  
        1. In some senses Steering does Steer (if not in others).  Keep the name but be more transparent about Steering's work, viz...
        2. Publish overview notes from meetings starting immediately
        3. Seek agenda suggestions from each Partner call
    2. Partners and Community

      1. To-dos for April 29-30 Partner Meeting
        1. Selecting facilitator(s) - a number of people will be approached
        2. Agenda topics - SG will add a number of items to the agenda suggestions
        3. Encouraging attendance - SG will reach out via personal contact to try and have more people attend in person; making provision for remote participation by those who can't
      2. Wiki Community Framework page
        1. Making Roles and Responsibilities a selling point
          1. New draft text written for the Adopter and Partner section.  After minor tweaks this will be adopted.
        2. Working and Interest Groups
          1. Roadmap Council suggestion of a standard summary box for WG landing pages adopted - template will be provided.
          2. Steering will review active/non-active WGs and update the wiki lists - part of a Community Manager role as and when