SG monthly call 23 August 2019


  • Julie Allinson
  • Chris Awre
  • Carolyn Caizzi
  • Jon Dunn  (Chair)
  • Hannah Frost
  • Rosalyn Metz 
  • Robin Ruggaber  (apologies)
  • Simeon Warner  (apologies)
  • John Weise
  • Richard Green


  1. Appointment of Chair Elect
    1. One accepted nomination - Rosalyn Metz
      Rosalyn unanimously elected as Chair-Elect for 2020/21

  2. Membership of Finance Subcommittee 2019/20
    1. Subcommittee members for 2019/20
      Add Rosalyn (as Chair-Elect), remove Richard from the formal, voting subcommittee but retain him ex-officio.  Subcommittee governance document needs revisiting - put on agenda for f2f in St Louis.
    2. End-June finances
      End June finances received from Lyrasis but status needs clarifying - are they the final audited figures or just interim?  Two transactions being checked.
    3. Purchasing procedures  (Item 5 (d) i also refers)
      Lyrasis do not want to undertake purchasing of physical items on our behalf - alternative arrangement agreed. 

  3. Group status checks
    1. Partner call
      Status of visioning process was discussed on last call.  A call for participation in a WG has gone out and there are currently some takers.
    2. Roadmap Council
    3. NTR
    4. Fundraising WG
      1. WG members contacting partners who didn't contribute but might realistically be able to (may not yet have been asked)
      2. Connect 2019 sponsorship
        Following up further possibilities - currently EBSCO, DCE, Notch8, Ubiquity Press. 
      3. Document for potential discussion with Sloan Foundation - under review by WG
        Jon and Richard have produced the draft which is intended to serve as a potential lead in to discussion.
        Deferring Final Report to October Partner Meeting.
    5. Phase 2 Contribution Model WG
      1. Long discussion about the role and involvement of vendors/service providers in the Community.  Ongoing!
    6. Job description subcommittee
      Draft Community Manager role description open for comment; Technical manager role description draft next week drawing on some ideas from other non-library open source organisations and from a small, commercial start-up.

  4. Other status checks
    1. GDPR statement
      We finally have legal feedback - that the proposed statement is OK with one or two very minor tweaks - Chris to circulate for comment before it goes public.
    2. Backup fiscal sponsor
      Jon is still waiting for an appointment to discuss.
    3. URI selection WG
      NTR in Julie's absence.
    4. DLF Forum - Tampa
      1. proposal to buy table cloth and to top-up sticker stocks
    5. Connect 2019
      1. Who will give the 'State of Samvera' address? (20 minutes)
        Discussion ongoing.
    6. Partner Meeting October 2019
      1. Status check
      2. Steering items for agenda
        Invitation for Steering to add to the list of Partner Meeting agenda items.
    7. Anti-harassment policy
      Jessica Hilt is starting a Working Group with Rosalyn as liaison to Steering.  There will not be recommendations in time for Connect 2019.
    8. Not a Community White Paper
      1. This will be a version of the document described at 3(d)iii above.  Version for Samvera should support links to some of the items referenced.  Request to review and comment.

  5. Expectations of Partners
    1. Defer

  6. What is in a name? 
    1. Consensus on Hyrax as product or as gem or as engine.
      Defer until Julie present.  Hyrax fits into a lot of categories and we are not consistent about how we describe it.  It might help if Steering offered some clarity - or, at least, a recommended practice.

  7. Changes to the agenda
    1. CNI Presentation Proposal?
      Deans and ULs don't know about all our work - we should be projecting to Senior Management outside the tech community.  We should talk about what we have successfully produced and major initiatives that we have triggered (or helped trigger) in the wider world (IIIF, PCDM, OCFL...)  Agreed to propose a session at CNI.

  8. Dates of next meetings
    1. (tbc) Friday 27 September  8.00am PT, 10.00am Central, 11.00am ET, 4.00pm UK

      Tuesday 22 October Meet for lunch and then meet through the afternoon.