SG monthly call 28 February


  • Julie Allinson
  • Chris Awre
  • Carolyn Caizzi (apologies)
  • Jon Dunn  (Chair)
  • Hannah Frost
  • Rosalyn Metz 
  • Robin Ruggaber
  • Simeon Warner
  • John Weise (apologies)
  • Richard Green

  1. Changes to the agenda

  2. Status checks:
    1. Spring Partner Meeting
      1. ITAV?
        Brief ptresentation planned for Partner Meeting
      2. Finance report
        Content ready for presentation at Partner Meeting
      3. Community Manager (see #3)
      4. Anticipating COVID-19 outbreak
        Coronavirus:  need to plan for the Partner Meeting in April.  It may be that we will have more remote participants than usual, it may be that it has to be wholly remote - a short meeting online with a compressed agenda.  Decision to be made on March Steering call (3/27).
      5. Other?
    2. Tech job description
      In progress
    3. Hyrax PO
      In progress
    4. URI selection WG
      This is now all in hand and can be taken off the list of standing status checks
    5. Connect 2020
      Planning progressing well
    6. Connect 2021
      Planning progressing well
    7. Code of Conduct
      NTR: check further on progress
    8. Slack
      Changes made to account ownership and privileges as previously discussed.
    9. 2020 Fundraising Team
      1. Invite two non-Steering members
      2. Aim for first 2020 call during the first week of April. 
      3. Announce to Partners as implementing their wish that a Fundraising group should continue. Email them when the result of the two invites is known.
      4. Discussion of approach to this and the need for a decision very soon on sponsorship, or not.
        1. Sponsorship last year did not prove particularly beneficial.  As the majority of the fundraising team were on the call a decision was made not to repeat the experiment - especially during the introduction of the contribution model.
        2. Partners and any not-for-profit organizations should be able to have an exhibitor table for a nominal fee which covers the related host cost.  Hosts to administer this.
    10. Sloan Foundation
      1. Current cover letter draft
        Good to go after a final edit.
    11. Grant support guidelines
      Good to go after a final edit. They will be announced by email and put on the wiki.  Mention on the next Partner call. 
    12. Spreadsheet of software resourcing contacts
      To be shared with Roadmap Council for additional information. 
    13. Circle CI proposal
    14. Mission statement
      Marketing WG decided that the current vision statement contains elements of mission and suffices for the moment.  Pursue an alternative strategy: to identify things that illustrate our fulfillment of the vision statement.
      We have a new version of our publicity tri-fold which incorporates the vision statement - to be used at Code4Lib in March.  US letter only, will be added to wiki as soon as we have a companion A4 version.
    15. Anything for next Partner call?

  3. Discussion of Lyrasis call 2/25
    1. Are we in a position to move forward on hiring?
      Need further input from Lyrasis - expected within a few days.  Will they extend the current MoU (and for how long) and what passthrough would they charge on money for an employee not based at Lyrasis?
      Lengthy discussion of the call with Lyrasis on 2/25.

    2. Are we in a position to update Partners on the process yet?
      Brief summary on next Partner call
    3. Setting up/inviting the Search Committee
      Invite search committee members to take part so that they are ready to participate if/when the process moves forward.

  4. Date of next call
    1. Friday 27 March (Need to check the time in calendars: meet at 'normal' US time - US on daylight savings, UK not, so 15:00 in UK)