SB monthly call 20th August 2021



  1. Carolyn Caizzi (Chair)

  2. Esmé Cowles

  3. Jeremy Friesen

  4. Hannah Frost

  5. Harriett Green

  6. Brian McBride

  7. Rosalyn Metz

  8. Alicia Morris 

  9. Simeon Warner 


  • Heather Greer Klein


  • Changes to the agenda

    • Change of leadership within institutions (Rosalyn). Can we reach out and make sure that leadership changes at the top of org structures are met with an email and an offer to meet with the individual for 15 minutes to get them up to speed on Samvera. Perhaps sent by a Board member so that we can talk about the importance of supporting the community.

      • Heather and Carolyn will draft a message template

  • Chair-Elect process

    • Esmé Cowles volunteered to be Chair Elect

  • Status checks

    1. Finance Subcommittee meeting report

      1. great meeting, included Scott and Cathie from OASIS. They have excellent monthly reports for us.

      2. Alicia and Heather will figure out meetings going forward. Monthly meetings might help in the beginning.

      3. Talked about moving Heather to an OASIS employee and next steps.

      4. Also talked about how to set up the Julie Allinson Award and how to do individual contributions

    2. Partner contributions

      1. 18 paid ($131,125)

      2. 12 still to pay ($61,500)

      3. 1 still to be invoiced

    3. Roadmaps Alignment Group (regular status check)

      1. Call next week, last call canceled

    4. Connect 2021 Program committee

      1. Closing keynote speaker accepted!

      2. CfP responses light, but that’s not unexpected, still time

    5. CoC – Community Safety

      1. Call for Helpers and Response team members

    6. New Partner recruitment status check

  • Hyrax Tech Lead Recruitment

    1. Without the grant, should talk to grant partners

    2. Wiull put out the call in September


    4. For the Partner call – bring this question and what else we have learned.

    5. Heather will talk to Julie and Tamsin about timing

  • What can we learn from the grant feedback? – pushed to September

    • will send feedback docs to the full Board

  • Julie Allinson Memorial Award

    1. OASIS can set up a restricted fund for us, and a fundraising donation button. Donations are NOT tax deductible because 501(c)6

    2. Can kick off the fundraising at Connect 2021, with goal to make an award in 2022

    3. Can take proposal to the Sept Partner Call

    4. What would be the minimum amount? Heather can research it. How to do this but not as an endowment. Institutions/organizations can request an invoice

    5. Heather will take proposal to the Partner call; will share a draft with the Board ahead of time.


    1. Discussed on Partner call

    2. Ready to launch first week Sept

    3. Both core components and hyrax maintenance working group are part of this. Heather will get the messaging together and share with the Board ahead of launch.

  • For next meeting: Training planning for Samvera 2022

    1. Heather is working on a proposal, and there is an Onboarding WG in the works

  • Misc

    1. Agenda for Fall Partner Meeting

    2. COAR Notify

Items for next Partner call: Memorial award, Hyrax tech lead

Date of next meeting: September 24th