SG monthly call 26 September 2019


  • Julie Allinson
  • Chris Awre
  • Carolyn Caizzi
  • Jon Dunn  (Chair)
  • Hannah Frost
  • Rosalyn Metz 
  • Robin Ruggaber
  • Simeon Warner (apologies)
  • John Weise
  • Richard Green  (apologies)


  1. Changes to the agenda- none

  2. Group status checks
    1. Partner call
    2. Roadmap Council
      Survey is out and some work towards a PO - see 3(i)
    3. Fundraising WG
      1. 3 more partners have stepped up. Now at $160,500, including 23 (of 36) partners, 3 non-partner universities, and EBSCO- this does count the $20k from EBSCO
      2. White paper for discussion with Sloan - see 3.g.
      3. We have four sponsors for Connect representing vendors (Ubiquity, DCE and Notch8) and EBSCO
    4. Phase 2 Contribution Model WG - Draft report
      Comments are being addressed and it is recommended that we consider the discount flexible pre and post the hiring of resources. Edit to make more formal around subcommittee process and responsibility. 
    5. Job description subcommittee
       Drafts for both jobs in Steering's Google Drive folder. 
      Review and edit needed before sharing with Partners. Steering will make recommendations and have been leaning toward a community manager. Work still to be done on fleshing out the technical job description.

  3. Other status checks
    1. GDPR statement
      Ready to publish on website and wiki.
    2. Backup fiscal sponsor
    3. URI selection WG
    4. Connect 2019
      1. Who will give the 'State of Samvera' address? (20 minutes) 
        Hannah will deliver with content input from others
    5. Partner Meeting October 2019
      All under control! Carolyn and Hannah are going to present the vision statement and gather partner feedback.
    6. Anti-harassment policy
      Waiting to determine next steps; we expect a recommendation to hire a consulting firm to assist with adoption (all communication channels, meetings, etc)
    7. Not a Community White Paper
      1. We want to use this as a companion to the technical whitepaper, for publishing to enable people to leverage the information; 
        nnounce at SC and publish; we will emphasize that the partners are welcome to comment on all online communication to support periodic review. While this is not the annual report but will inform the annual report but also support presentations and proposals; 
    8. Possible Connect 2021 at Notre Dame.
      1. Is it likely that we're going to accept this offer? - if not, we should let ND know not to put too much time into it and be soliciting other bids.- 
        Steering is supportive in general
    9. Hyrax PO role
      SIGAR thinks they can distribute some of the responsibility and have a smaller PO role; there are a few people interested in the PO role and they will extend a solicitation; 
    10. CNI Presentation Proposal
      Carolyn, Jon, and Rosalyn will present and the presentation length suggested is 30 but we will review the Q&A requirement.

  4. Expectations of Partners
    1. Defer to f2f at WashU? 
    2. We need to discuss in general with how to manage mergers, take overs, contracted services vs full partnerships. We do need to talk about this at the f2f

  5. What is in a name? 
    1. Consensus on Hyrax as product or as gem or as engine.   Deferred last time.  
      Defer to f2f meeting

  6. Any other business

  7. Dates of next meetings
    1. Tuesday 22 October Meet for lunch and then meet through the afternoon.