SG monthly call 4 December 2020


  • Carolyn Caizzi (Chair-elect)
  • Esmé Cowles
  • Hannah Frost
  • Kevin Kochanski
  • Brian McBride
  • Rosalyn Metz (Chair)
  • Alicia Morris 
  • Simeon Warner - regrets
  • John Weise 
  • Heather Greer Klein
  • Richard Green


  1. Changes to the agenda

  2. Status checks
    1. Google Workspace/tools for IG/WG
      • Information was sent to WG/IG chairs and facilitators and to POs. All publicly viewable finalized Samvera materials have their own folder.
    2. Confluence migration
      • Testing went well, migration scheduled for December 15th.
    3. Samvera Virtual Connect Dates: April 20-21 (Tuesday-Wednesday) with Developer Congress earlier (potentially on March)
    4. Fundraising team now part of Finance Committee 
      • Appointed to Finance Committee are RM and CC in their roles as Chair and Vice Chair, JW, KK. HGK ex-officio. 
      • Full Steering can participate in the fundraising work. That group can meet separate from the regular Steering call. Will set a meeting in January to discuss the work of the year ahead. 
    5. CoC
      • Incident Response workshop - 14 participants, scheduled for Tues. Dec 8, 8am - 12pm PST
      • No update on CoC review consultant – will pick up in January
      • Hannah and Heather will make sure something is shared in the newsletter.
  3. Date of next meeting - 12/25 is Christmas Day, 1/1 is New year's day, 1/8 is the January Partner meeting, 1/11 and 1/13 are the Steering 'Winter retreat' – Winter Retreat will be the next meeting
  4. Samvera Season's Greetings email card – Heather created based on a Marketing Group idea. Heather will send it on the 14th to Partners list, community and tech list, and tweet it, send to Directors of Libraries for Partners.

  5. Process for security vulnerability reports – should go on to Product Owner.
    1. Should be sent to Partners contact list. HGK to find where this decision was documented and write up the process. 

  6. Discussion and agenda for Winter Retreat, meeting for in January
    1. MOU with LYRASIS is limited to one renewal and requires investigation of becoming an official LYRASIS Community-Supported Program.
      • Now is the right time for investigation and evaluation of options for a Fiscal Sponsor and/or Organizational home that will meet our needs for the long term. We can't continue with the MOU we have now beyond one renewal in July 2021.
      • This will be the primary topic at the winter retreat, and will add a third day. HGK arranging presentations with all identified and interested options. 

  7. Anything for next Partner call?
    1. Share that as we expected to do at this time, we are beginning the process of reviewing Fiscal Sponsor and/or Organizational home options.
    2. Share Incident response workshop update

  8. Date of next meeting: Winter retreat Jan 11th, 14th, and 15th