Marketing WG agenda, November 18th

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting (see Marketing WG agenda 20-11-04)
    1. Samvera Connect follow-up
      1. Feedback from Samvera Connect – can email the attendees of the session, or include in the greater Connect survey. Heather Greer Klein and Richard Green will bring to program committee to see what makes sense with the larger survey.
    2. Outreach planning updates
      1. Logic model draft coming next meeting, with apologies from Heather!
    3. Draft Samvera Community Asks wiki page
      1. Heather will maintain and promote this. Based on group feedback, will adjust order and participation deadline changed to target
  2. Samvera Google Maps treasure hunt - seasonal fun with Samvera!
    1. Many sites organize these. Can combine it with answers linked to content in repositories. End up with people seeing materials available in digital collections. As a marketing tool is it worth doing something fun for the winter. Help people explore repositories in the community. 
    2. Could continue on as a marketing tool to get people into Samvera repositories. Could be self-contained and not time bound.
    3. Chris Awre will ping Jeremy F about it and will start planning; could reach out to ask for one fun thing from community repositories to include.
  3. Samvera repo and marketing
    1. What potential does the Samvera Repository offer as a marketing tool? It is an out of the box very vanilla Hyku. It's not very exciting to look at, but does offer a look at a bare bones Hyku. If we can find a way to do it that is positive, it could be a good move, but would require planning. Could include it in the treasure hunt as well.
    2. Repo will be handed over to Heather when Richard retires. Outputs of the WG might be added to the Repository as well if there are items of record to add (deliverables). 
  4. Samvera G Suite update and shared drive for the Marketing WG
    1. Will create a drive for marketing WG members and documents. Templates and materials will be in a separate drive that is publicly viewable but not editable.
  5. Should we invite Mikala Narlock from University of Notre Dame to join us, and/or present to us? In her Connect presentation she talked about learning from campus marketing and applying their lessons to repository marketing.
    1. Heather will reach out and make and invitation.