Marketing WG agenda and notes - 22nd July 2020


  • Chris Awre (Facilitator)
  • Karen Cariani
  • Richard Green
  • Nabeela Jaffer
  • Alicia Morris


  • Adding to the list of user profiles and case studies we can include on the website
    We need some fresh profiles and we should compile a list of possible contributors for use after the holiday season - in September.

  • Understanding how our marketing effort relates or might connect to the marketing activity that Lyrasis carries out
    Further to last call's discussion: RG has put this on a Steering agenda for 7/24.  The current MoU with Lyrasis specifically excludes access to their Marketing services; an initial approach from Steering is therefore deemed appropriate.  We suspect they should, nevertheless, have a vested interest in promoting the communities that they support.

  • Considering how to reach out to different audiences, with an initial focus on senior managers (AUL, etc.)
    RG has contacted AULs and senior managers on Samvera's primary contact list.  Several have expressed interest in the idea of a workshop at Connect for AULs.  Tim McGeary at Duke offered some ideas for content.  Work by email to put in a workshop proposal for Connect 2020 on-line - dealine 16th August.  CA will produce a set of guidelines to solicit ideas from the AULs who have agreed to help.  Brainstorm a set of listservs etc to advertize it.  ALL to contribute to this list. (Google doc here.)

  • Ideas of how Samvera might be important in any retrenchment in community support that takes place due to budget shortages 
    Need to have a clear idea of the value-added that a Samvera solution offers over a commercial one.  Feed that into any grant application that the Fundraising team might make. (Initial ideas included better control over your systems, the ability to keep staff, obviating the risk of having high value content curated by commercial concerns.)  The community need to be better known beyond academia - we need better 'name brand recognition' (see Lyrasis discussion above). An IMLS grant application would need to show that Samvera can be used/is being used for cultural heritage work ans well as in academia.  ALL add ideas to Google doc that might support such an application. 

  • Using the vision statement for marketing purposes (based on Hannah’s input)
    Modifications to the website to support suggestions made on the last call would likely cost about $75.  RG has asked Steering if we can spend the $4k marketing budget without seeking permission for each item.  Will commission work when we have the go-ahead.  ALL to look to see what pages in the website (or elsewhere) could be used as the link targets and to suggest extra pages or page content when there is no obvious candidate (Google doc here).  

Date of next call:  Wednesday 19th August 11:30 EDT  Intermediate call cancelled because of holidays and other commitments.