Agenda 19-01-16

The agenda for the Marketing WG call on January 16th will be:

  1. Review of notes and actions from previous call  Agenda 18-12-12
  2. Feedback from Partners
  3. Input to Steering Emory meeting discussion
  4. Workpackages
    1. Personalising the website
    2. Slide decks
    3. Leaflet
    4. FAQ development
    5. Case studies
    6. Events to market Samvera at
      1. OR deadline today!
      2. Others at Conferences
    7. Blog
  5. Samvera annual report

Ryan (& some Richard tweaks) Notes:

In attendance

Chris Awre, facilitator (University of Hull)

Karen Cariani (WGBH)

Ryan Steans (Northwestern University)

Richard Green (University of Hull)

Alicia Morris (Tufts University) (apologies)

Charlotte Nunes (Lafayette College)

Steph Taylor (CoSector)

Nabeela Jaffer (Michigan) - link with Repository Managers IG


Partners call in early January - 

No particular feedback regarding marketing beyond initial feedback - asked about 3 areas for development

  1. Personalization of the website - need variety of people featured to showcase how people use and participate
  2. Blog - recognizing the value of a blog - need to ensure there is proper resourcing - Table blog until the staffing situation is sorted out? - General agreement
  3. Quotes from users for use in publicity - reaching out to different users, positive - verbal quotes; several volunteers 

Steering considered staffing challenges last week - own funds not there for positions, some cash rich institutions may pay temporarily for a Community Manager with those funds 

Do some communication in year to come - 

Nature of marketing in community for Samvera - need input from community or not a community effort

CoSector have case study written - could be adapted: theoretical case studies - make it more about Samvera technologies

Chris contacted all the sites used as examples in Connect workshop - all institutions agreed to provide case study.  Identify a suitable template 

     word limit and a deadline - does Steph/ Co-Sector have a template for?  She will in a few weeks.  She can share.  

Release before Virtual Connect and Partner meeting - get hold of a template by February - develop or find an alternative to meet timetable - 

Reasonable deadline - 

Richard:  seeking case studies for Samvera Annual Report - on a more urgent timescale/ Chris:  Not same group

Steering:  Question in December - look for goals of marketing effort should be

   (a) ongoing need to use marketing effort to raise awareness of what Samvera is, reach new audiences, desire to communicate to Sr. Managers, most immediate focus of attention

   (b) should we be looking to increase Partnerships?  - longer term goal, but the immediate course of marketing effort to spread awareness and increase adoption, Partnership not a key focus of next six months

Steering agree Samvera needs a VM or Docker of Samvera install - being investigated

Samvera should have a Hyrax install - repo of past materials - looking to do it

what are key events?  how can we engage people?  - list of events for Fedora - relevant events in the space - table, initiate conversations, who they're connecting with and what they're connecting with

AULs, ULs - list-serves, if we want to communicate about why we should engage: the community, the engagement, the sustainability, generate or reframe - frame it in a way for the audience we want to target

Roadmap Council is writing a white paper about community and technology (coming soon)

"Why did we choose Samvera?" - benefits and advantages

Most sustainable option as companies and technologies come and go

Work Packages - 

Profiles of folks around the community who cover different roles 

Identify roles within the community - reflected in community - 

Recognize individuals within community who can contribute a mini-profile based on a set of questions, cycle them through, scope of that work package  Ryan and Charlotte

Karen will look at the slide deck for updates - deck needs to be ADA compliant?

Chris will work on a more professionally produced leaflet - suggestions for improving content welcome

FAQ - Steph wants to work on FAQ - Chris will look at what we've got working on at the moment

Case Studies - we'll come back and go out about those

Events - OR, other conferences we'd like to pick on, 

Ryan get in touch with Louisa regarding DLF - 

   iPres - Liber - AMIA -

Annual Report - fair amount of content will be handled by Steering - any gaps where additional contribution may be useful Richard will reach out.