Draft content for one-sheet

Audience: general digital libraries public, people not already in the Samvera community. I.e. the flier would be for DLF rather than Samvera Connect.

Content: very succinct, introductory information, based on content of draft flier (available below).  Some content also pulled from Draft content for questions we are asked



Samvera is a grass-roots, open source community creating sustainable digital repository solutions for Libraries, Archives, Museums and others.  Samvera uses a common infrastructure within which there is the flexibility to tailor solutions to local demands and workflows.

Be part of the Samvera Community to:

•Inform and create the repository solutions you need
•Feed in your ideas on what makes a good repository – and put them into action
•Learn from and work with others to address common problems and form solutions

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See a full list of Samvera community partners at http://samvera.org/samvera-partners/