Samvera Marketing Group August 25th - Institutional profiles

Matters arising from the previous meeting:

  • Website review

    • Carolyn and Carla couldn’t make today’s call, but Nabeela will liaise with them directly. A whole website approach is being taken rather than just focusing on individual pages.

    • Jon Cameron is reviewing the technical descriptions to ensure they are up-to-date.

    • Details of the review will be added to Slack to generate additional interest.

    • Could we get someone new to Samvera to take part in the review, seeing it with fresher eyes?

  • Repository tour

    • It was agreed to return to this at a future meeting to discuss how we proceed with adding extra sites on a sustainable basis.

Main theme for today’s meeting

  • Institutional profiles

    • The idea here is to capture a whole institutional summary view of engagement with Samvera. The focus would be on Partners, and also on how Samvera is being used on the ground. Initial fields for the profile are:

      • Name

      • Contact(s)

      • Samvera implementations (and which technologies are being used for what purposes)

      • WG/IG engagement/involvement, plus other areas of involvement

      • Length of time in the community

      • A brief description capturing aspects of involvement not already recorded

    • Nabeela will develop this template for future review

Other topics

  • Connect 2021

    • The deadline for submissions to Connect 2021 will be coming up. Ideas for submissions is welcome. There will be an opportunity to present a Working Group update.