Marketing WG agenda 20-09-30


  • Chris Awre (facilitator)
  • Karen Cariani
  • Richard Green
  • Nabeela Jaffer
  • Alicia Morris
  • Charlotte Nunes


  1. Samvera AUL workshop
    Planning for this is ongoing.  CA will try to share proposed slides ahead of the virtual Partner Meeting

  2. Marketing WG update for forthcoming meetings
    1. Virtual Partner Meeting
      CA will deliver a five minute update on the WG's work
    2. Samvera Connect 2020 On-line
      CA will deliver another five minute update.  Request that this be in the Monday (10/26) WG/IG presentation slot rather than one later in the week.  RG to set up.

  3. DLF Forum sponsorship opportunities
    Discussion about the opportunities for recruitment offered by sponsoring the DLF Forum 2020.  ALL asked to look at the DLF website and comment, by Slack, on the potential value in this.

  4. Profiles and case studies for the website
    Work is ongoing.  ALL asked to add to the spreadsheet Chris put together for case study suggestions.

  5. Artwork for Connect 2020
    Lynn McRae and Stanford have commissioned artwork that would have been the t-shirt design for Connect 2020.  There is a suggestion that the design (already a hex shape) be made into stickers.  It will be provided to an on-line t-shirt vendor so that people can order their own 2020 t-shirt.

  6. Dates of next meeting
    The next two regular dates clash with Samvera events (virtual Partner Meeting and Connect 2020).  Meet again on 4th November and invite Heather Greer Klein, the new Community Manager