Agenda 18-07-18

The agenda for the Samvera Marketing WG on July 27th will be:

  1. Notes from the previous meeting and matters arising
  2. Questions we are asked - and the answers
  3. Materials to develop
  4. Work prioritization and allocation

Links to contribution WG - Richard is chair/ Karen and Ryan on

Contribution WG about to send out a survey to Partners to understand what they're giving and what they're getting out of the current contributions

Actions from last meeting:  look at strategy, respond to questions, review possible materials (swag)

Materials to Develop: agree on what we will do and what we won't do

What are physical mememntos people would take away

Text-based, what's useful? (refer to list)

Estimate cost of each item - ROI - what's most useful

Printed docs are cheaper - Flyer that they can take back to management - Focus on materials that can be taken away and used at their institution

Considering other types of clothing: hats? - polo shirts - a uniform - virtually get polo shirts for folks working at a table.  

Samvera t-shirt day at other conferences (example: everyone wear Samvera t's on Wednesday)

Flyer - not a great deal of detail - producing flyer - do we have resources we could tap that can do a good job.  

AI:  Chris will circulate his flyer and we'll review the doc 

AI:  Ryan will ask NU about design services internally at NU

Brochure - more substantial - more work per writing and editorial - 

-what's in it? 

develop a one page flyer and bookmark

Case Studies: develop a template - have got two case studies that went into the annual report

AI:  Andrew Rouner did one, Linda did the other?  (Richard will ask)

showcase at workshop for newbies - 

    Robin, Julie, Steven doing the demos - coordinate with them to get their case studies

Descriptive text - Marketing web group asked to look at the Descriptive text on the website.  Longterm for making sure website stayed up to date and relevant.  

Question:  who else is using Samvera?  Few actual links to website 

The entire CSU system going from DSPace to Samvera - Cal State San Marcos - 

AI:  Who owns the Samvera Repo twitter?  - get the social media sorted - Richard will look for who is managing the twitter

Do we want a motto or caption - refresh and still use "if you want to go far, go together"

AI:  Brief set of PPT slides - mirror what's in brochure - a template for Presentations for Samvera - Richard has one, and we can share it

We can make the Hex sticker file available through the wiki page

AI:  Ryan will circulate a bag website or three

AI:  Ryan - Memory sticks - scale - find out what was going on with memory sticks in Ireland

Set a sub-group to work on the cop for the brochure - Questions may be useful for helping to create copy for the brochure

Would it be sensible to assume there's a cost and approach steering with a notional budget for Connect?  - yes - what we should

AI:  Ryan Find cost about bumpf and we'll get a budget together

Email from Bussey - pointed at an event called Agile2018 where there's a page with a sample letter template to help individuals to convince their managers  -  maybe we want to create an email for explaining to managers whatis going on with Samvera and why there's value

Answering questions - do have answers for an FAQ - refine to a proper response for each questions

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