Agenda 18-06-27

The agenda for the Samvera Marketing WG meeting on June 27th.



  1. Notes from the previous meeting and matters arising
  2. Draft content for questions we are asked - theming and prioritisation
  3. Workpackages
    1. Strategy
    2. Key messages
    3. Materials development
  4. Next meetings

Chris had emailed the list to see if anyone has any items that worked well for Samvera outreach

Question to :  How do I keep track of the community with my specific interests (Charlotte will add to questions)

Ensure we have a presentation slot at Connect - CFP for Connect released - contacted for Virtual Connect  - gather input/ feedback from those attending Virtual Connect

Discussion at end of last meeting:  t-shirts and their role in marketing of Samvera in the future.  Richard looking into shirts (Linda Cray) - making available past designs to print off copies of the t-shirts

Agenda for today:  Looking at "questions we're asked" list

Prioritize and categorize questions

Basis for which we can develop the appropriate marketing materials

What is still missing? - 

Trying to explian difference between open source and commercial product

One sheet - to explain the community - Samvera is the Community that has provided Solution Bundles - presenting means through which it can be solved

Support for digital scholarship services - repos, exhibits, images, video - havinga  solution in a community to support the various kinds of products developed at the Academy now - directors, faculty, admins can relate to

Enabling digital scholarship services - good longterm prospects as an alternative to vendors - good library values.  Samvera aligns better with good library values.  

Marketing internally - slide deck - for community, technology - audience you're trying to reach will drive how you order the slides.  

Use Questions to build marketing materials around as we answer these questions - will keep us from hitting scope creep.

Prioritize these questions - What areas do we want to tackle first?  Do them in order.

Work packages - 

Looking to understand what we're creating by Mid-September for COnnect - forging on progress for what we'd like to do

activity subgroups - key messages of what we'd like to portray - answer those questions best we can.

Develop actual materials - Slide deck, one pager, hex stickers - (DCE has design for Hex stickers)

   What are we seeking to achieve via Marketing Samvera?  "This is why we think marketing of Samvera is important"


Are we marketing to ourselves?  The broader community?  Users who aren't actively engaged? 

CHris - Market Samvera so more people will know about Samvera.  Can be both internal and external to our organizations.  Making other people aware of and understand Samvera.

Scope and objectives covers this.  

Map out a timeline of creating things - use the three weeks:

TASK:  Develop our own answers to those questions - Everyone answer on the same page

Initial List of materials to develop - what would it be useful for you to use to share with audiences - 

TASK:      Getting ahold of interesting stuff from various orgs - what swag should we consider getting?  Stick in people's mind - 

       example:  tote/ grocery bag, bookmarks, memory sticks - add to the list

On WG page  meeting SLots between now and Connect - (calendar them) - roll call each time for whether people will be there for the next call

If we're to take Marketing seriously, have to have a budget - part of the feedback from this WG - what is our budget?  Go to steering with budget for what we'd like to produce.