Agenda 19-05-08

Agenda for the Samvera Marketing Group call, May 8th 2019

  1. Notes and action points from the previous call (April 10th)
  2. Review of Samvera Virtual Connect and Samvera Partners meeting
    1. General
    2. Marketing presentations/feedback
  3. Review of current work
    1. Slide deck
    2. Case studies
    3. Personal profiles:
    4. Leaflet
    5. FAQ
  4. Audiences
    1. To review the feedback from Samvera Partners on the audiences we need to focus attention on
    2. To plan activities that help address the needs of these audiences
  5. Events
    1. Open Repositories
    2. Axiell European User Conference / IIIF conference / KohaCon (to note events where community members are highlighting Samvera)


AI: Go back to the notes from Partners and see if there's anything we need to pick up

AI:  rsteans Ryan look for container for leaflets from 4Imprint

Review of VC and Partners - 

Marketing WG wanted to be involved in synthesis of the Vision (Chris asked for Marketing to be involved)

Sub-group to take away visioning material/ exercise and meld something from it 

  AI:  Find out when Carolyn and Hannah will be done (rsteans Ryan will ask Carolyn)

Seem to feel Samvera is not a product and not treated as such - people trying to get Samvera into institutions are trying to get a technology in

Community is a key strength of Samvera - but you get into Samvera for a solution.  "What is the product?"  It's not the community

Treat what we're doing as a product - expect responses and services around the technology, somewhere in the community those things are being provided

From a Marketing Point of View: alternative view - marketing what they perceive Samvera to be?  - 

To go back to the synthesis - would like to keep an eye on what is being said so we don't lose sight of the product responsibility to users

Update on current work

Slide Deck:  Where should it go on Wiki or website?  Front page - "templates, slides and articles"

Robin will do an accessibility audit on the PPT template

Case Studies

  • Stanford is really a Blacklight - may not do study
  • Avalon case study
  • Emory via Rosalyn Metz
  • working toward King's Fund (Julie working on it), Chrissy Rissmeyer offered - UCSB (Alexandria)

Personal Profiles - update and rotate through every few months

Website:  Suggested we restructure website by user/ audience.   ex:  managers/ librarians/developer & sys admin

     who are our audiences?  a suggestion, but not a plan (yet)

      will require a lot of planning, discussion

     maybe develop a specific page for specific audiences - 

     practicalities to how we structure site vis-a-vis reactive site

 In relation to applications and demos - some tidying up around Applications and Demo's page - out of date

     Degree to which any view re: when and how you jump people off the website and into the Wiki

     DOn't reduplicate the work on the website - if it's on the wiki

Suggestion on website - longer term goal - test navigation through website - 

    in near future:  clean-up "applications and demos" - consistency across the website 

    Richard:  will make a suggestion at next call -but doesn't adequately mention Solution Bundles.  May be part of the review.  

        brief proposal by next meeting

    Nabeela:  Events diary - it has some IG/WG meetings - get them all listed here.  For Repo managers - what are the times for other IG/WG's?  Only helpful if kept up to date.  Others can update it themselves - but don't.  They do it on the Wiki, but not on website.

    Have a link from the Wiki that requires a Wiki log-in.  

AI:  Investigate Options -  for calendar (Richard Green Nabeela Jaffer ) - DLF have something, go back and take a look

Leaflets now available - Updated - 

AI:  please provide feedback re: leaflet (ALL)  - font size, white space, marker on page edge could make it easier to fold, 

Lastly FAQ - Identified some new questions - answers to questions

Page anchors disappear when you save the page.  

Charlotte would like to put this doc on the Wiki - one area of comment - application and demo's page question

AI: Charlotte Nunes Charlotte will link to working doc in WG page

FAQ thing from Charlotte - how developers become official Samvera developers - CLA process - 

  we could expand the CLA area in FAQ  5-6 pages on GitHub about how to contribute - distill something from those pages

  opportunity for us to promote those expectations - taps into audience questions - AI - ask a developer!

   issue:  we could send someone from FAQ's to the page tree  -

   AI:  FAQ answer is brief - (rsteans Ryan) will write copy to make sure we have a FAQ on how a contributor can join in

Audience discussion

Some answers more relevant to different audiences in FAq - in a particular audience, looking for certain things

Shape toward audiences on page - how to shape info in a way that is useful to encounter

invited those present to an exercise - audiences that should be useful for Samvera

Strong themes from brainstorm - insight to audience that Partners felt needed to know about Samvera - where partners are at in terms of who needs our messages

AI:  How do we condense this to something we can practically work on this?  - 

    Can someone work with Chris on this?  - Charlotte Nunes and Alicia M. Morris

Steps in tackling needs to each audience


Open Repositories - 

Chris answer about tables - fee of about 1000 Euros.  less than DLF

This is an event where we need a table and presence, therefore worth paying - call to Samvera Community to find out who is coming.  

We need to do 1000 euros - about what we'd charge someone who wanted a similar table at Connect

Front of tabelcloth logo -

3 events in UK/ Ireland -

Standing Item