Agenda 19-02-27

Agenda for the Samvera Marketing WG meeting, Wednesday February 27th.

  1. Review of notes and actions from previous call  Agenda 19-02-13
  2. Workpackages
    1. Personalising the website  
    2. Slide decks
    3. Leaflet
    4. FAQ development (Samvera FAQ and leaflet text)
    5. Case studies

  1. Events

Louisa for next call (from DLF)

Draft roadmap council white paper - paper will be released next week for comment, publish week after

Samvera Repo for Connect Materials - 3 separate vendors - those expressions of interest will be followed up in due course.  Hosted Connect with previous papers in it.

3 hour version -

FAQ development - Give Charlotte access - 

Action Item: Everyone look at Questions for Profiles

Action Item:  Everyone look at FAQ development

  • are there any schools without developers - Co-Sector supports in UK

Case studies with Chris - will continue on

Events - 

example Open Repositories, table, other event related promotional circumstances.  Picking up with Samvera Europe group.  Recognizing there's a collection of events happening in Europe.  OR in June.  Scholarly Communications in Sitzerland.  Force 11 - meeting in Scotland.  How can we attend those events/ promote?

In US.  where can we present?