Agenda 18-12-12

The agenda for the call on December 12th is as follows:

  • Review of Connect/DLF and marketing activity at this
    • Connect suggestions:
      • Personalising Samvera website
      • Blog
      • Quotes
  • Links to Repository Manager IG activity (welcome Nabeela!)
  • Review of previous minutes and ideas for ongoing discussion and action
    • Hyrax feature list
    • Standing marketing function
    • Open access community benefits
  • Workplan for 2019
    • Re-chartering
    • Communicating re: events to promote Samvera at
    • Leaflet - further development
    • Case studies
    • FAQ development
    • Slide deck(s)


Fedora Community has a calendar of events they attend - 

what to target in 2019 - Univ. of London - breakdown of who attends and is it suitable for you to attend or not

Is the goal to increase members in the community - 

trying to do fundraising - in order to sustain community, need to grow the community - articulate the goals - raise awareness - what should we target marketing around? trying to facilitate communication about Samvera

Steering - winter retreat in January - 

look at audiences, identify key audiences we want to tackle in 2019, - get goals from steering

Personalization - who is on the website?  Focusing on steering - Who would it be good to personalize?  - who should we have described at the Samvera website?  Each partner has a point person - 

Asking Partners to list their implementation pages - something missing on road - contact the point person - 

Change Partners and implementation page - contact person from those partners - 

regarding a blog:  need to have effort behind it and make it work.  Need an individual to make it happen.  

Repository Managers IG - impact/ overlap (Nabeela)

-in both groups implementation page, how do we know who's doing what?  Roadmap page - how do we know what people are up to?

-Roadmap Council work on a white paper - share that with marketing topics: strengths, communities, challenges of the community

   -work together to get overlap managed and make sure we get the information in - how does white paper align in styling, branding, consistency of presentation - 

   -feature list of what Hyrax could do - roadmap describes what it would do - no one page that's current describes the feature list 

      -bring idea back to Roadmap Council to get feedback - (Steph: recent meeting, heard they needed a feature list so we know what the software does)

Develop messaging about what it means to be part of an open source community?  See if we can develop that messaging.  Encourage people to come in and participate.  People on ground keen to open source, but AUL level didn't get it.  Quite a lot of information about where we can do better.  

Karen: Internal marketing, internal communication - don't start from scratch, collaboration - Personalizing connection to the community - identifying passing messages back and forth

general support at Connect for some ongoing marketing function at some level - bear that in mind - looking at hiring staff, how that goes forward, general support

Workplan for 2019 - 

lack of graphic design within the community - 

Case studies - take the sites referenced in intro to Samvera presentation, more fleshed out case studies - responded positively to say they'd contribute a case study

pull together a template and timeframe for delivering a case study - does anyone have a good template - Steph has a template she may be able to share shortly.  

brought it down to more generic questions and highlighting - follow up on more specific questions, useful to go back and identify more specific questions to gather answers from community, specific questions for specific audiences

Develop slide decks - slides with information about Samvera - both general and specific 

4-5 slides that describe what Samvera is -

Understanding of what's happening - across groups - example: White Paper out of Roadmap Council (Julie volunteered Steph to help w/ White Paper)